z relaxes a bit more

I’m listening to music, written and performed by LT back in the day, having eaten brown trout, samphire, Pembrokeshire new potatoes and sugar snap peas for dinner.  And this evening, for the first time in about 20 years, I succeeded in solving a “deadly” ‘killer sudoku’ puzzle (which is based on sudoku but considerably harder) in little over an hour.  I used to do those regularly for fun, in the days of the wonderful Tough Puzzles magazine, but had completely lost the ability.

Life is good, darlings.  I hope it is for you too.

7 comments on “z relaxes a bit more

  1. Tim

    Just to be perfectly clear, I did not write and perform the music after having eaten brown trout, samphire etc.

  2. Z Post author

    Hm. Ok. Are you secretly Dave East, by any chance? Because you sound just like him (not in the aural sense, you understand).

  3. allotmentqueen

    If you can happily listen to LT’s music (not that I’ve heard any, so I’m not judging the music you understand) that sounds like a pretty good relationship. Better get him to write some more now that he’s got a new muse.

  4. Alan

    Apparently some of the best music was written or performed after imbibing particular substances. I’m surprised that trout and samphire doesn’t have that effect after all.

  5. Z Post author

    He’s good enough not to mind when I play my clarinet, however badly. His music is really, really good.

    I gather that much of the music written and performed in Tim’s professional band days was so influenced, Alan. Nowadays, we resort to Soan Papdi!

    I’ve always thought of my blog as a place to write about the good things, Mike, I agree.


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