Z is mellow

I spent much of the day with antique china.  I had to do the condition report – that is, note any damage or repair, and amend any details I might have missed for the catalogue too.  Then, I stuck the lot number onto each piece, wrapped it up, put it in a box and wrote down which box I’d put it into.

It was soothing.  I wasn’t in need of being calmed when I started, but I felt quite comforted by the job.  I started with the radio on, a download of Round Britain Quiz, but I concentrated on my task so completely that I kept realising I’d missed a bit of the broadcast and had to go back.  After twenty minutes or so, I gave up and turned it off, which was the right thing to do.

It was cold, though.  Sunny when I started, the porch was lovely and warm but then the sun went in and then, in any case, moved round the side of the house and I didn’t notice until I realised I was shivering.  I’d done enough for the morning by then, so went and made some lemon and ginger tea and we ate some delicious pâté for lunch, which Eloise cat loved too, and then I took a heater out while I did another hour or so’s work.  I’ve still got about a third of the lots to go, but it’s nice to be unhurried and I don’t mind at all.

I’ve been out tonight, for the book group dinner, which was good too.  I’ve eaten rather a lot, it was so very good and the company was a pleasure.  As I’d been so chilled, I went for a bath after tea but fortunately it didn’t send me to sleep.  I’m rather ready for bed now, though.

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