Z stays in bed

We’ve finally had a fairly moderate snowfall – a few flakes so far this winter, but nothing to linger more than an hour or two.  But there’s more forecast overnight and the temperature below freezing, so perhaps, for an hour or two, it’ll look white out there.  I have little hope that I’ll be able to build a snowman though.  And it doesn’t matter I suppose, though it’s one of those little things that means we’ve had a proper winter and then I can look forward to spring.

I woke with a migraine today, which doesn’t happen often.  That is, migraines don’t, nowadays,and waking with one hasn’t happened for several years.  But I had one in the middle of the day, a week or so ago and so I was sufficiently cast down today that I gave in and stayed in bed.  LT, to whom I sent a text explaining, kindly went to feed the animals and later went shopping.  And by that time, I was ready to get up and be moderately myself.  And we had breakfast for dinner – that is, eggs, bacon, fried onion, fried bread and tomatoes – which has finished the wellbeing process.

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