Suffolk and what???

I finished the condition report, have labelled all the china and it’s gone into safe storage, so I don’t have to think about that any more for a while.  LT does as he’s valiantly offered to write the catalogue this time – since he’s never used Publisher before, this is brave but he’s good at that.

In the expectation of being finished by 12.30 or so, I said I’d take him out for lunch and we went to one of our favourite places in Yagnub, where we hadn’t yet visited this year as it was closed for a couple of weeks for repainting.  While we were eating, we heard the proprietor’s end of a phone call, with someone who wanted to book a table for Valentine’s Day dinner.  It was explained that the dining room was fully booked but the adjoining bar area (which is a comfortable room with a log fire) would be set out with tables just the same, and the customer decided to book…a table for three.

At the end of the meal, he came over to clear the table and we chatted a bit, he knows us as we”re regulars and we had our pre-wedding dinner party there.  And, as a result, I was emboldened to admit that I’d overheard his end of the conversation  and couldn’t help wondering about the circumstances of booking a table for three for Valentine’s Day.  He said he was surprised too but he couldn’t very well ask…  Later, a friend on Facebook suggested that it was parents who couldn’t find a babysitter, but it’s a set menu and isn’t really going to be suitable for a younger than teenage child, and a teenager could surely spend the evening with a friend.  Anyway, it’s much more fun to speculate.  Another friend commented that this sort of thing happens in Norfolk.  But it wasn’t Norfolk.  That’s where we live, but the restaurant is 100 yards over the border.

I ate a substantial portion of mussels and chips and rather needed a nap by about half past three.  We were still too full for the kedgeree we’d planned for dinner, so LT made up a nice fish salad instead.  And he remembered to put aside Eloise cat’s helping of trout before adding the dressing.  He’s good, you know.

5 comments on “Suffolk and what???

  1. Tim

    I know someone whose ex- and current wife get on very well now. Not suggesting that was the case, but one’s imagination has to rove around, innit?

  2. Z Post author

    I’m afraid we won’t be, HDWK, we will only know if we go back for lunch the week after and see the owner to ask. It may remain a mystery.

    I trust ex- and current wife don’t get together to discuss him, Tim. He’d need a lot of savoir faire, not to mention jeu d’esprit.


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