Z is having an Early Night

I haven’t managed to identify my handsome spider yet – the one it looked most like in one picture was the false widow, but when I went to the description it said it had cream markings, which this didn’t, being smooth and brown all over with a rounded body and red-brown legs.  And it was completely unaggressive, so if it is a false widow, it’s probably a male one, females being the stroppy ones who might nip.  British spiders are not dangerous and should never be killed under any circumstances, as it upsets me.  A spider bite doesn’t hurt, I’ve had lots – it’s the hunting spiders that might nip and they live outdoors, an indoor spider isn’t like that at all and knows its manners.

The first stage of my being defrocked as churchwarden has taken place, with the vestry meeting – the nominated churchwardens have been voted for by the (tiny) congregation.  I put up two hands.  Oh, and I chose the hymns today so I made sure they were very cheery ones with good tunes, one of which was Hyfrydol, which I mention only because it is also a good name.

I am struck, yet again, by how kind people are.  I cheerfully committed us to having lots of flowers in the church next Sunday for a christening, and then had to ask those who actually can arrange flowers to help with them – actually, to do nearly everything.  They are all far busier than I am, but instantly agreed and are really putting themselves out to help.  I’m terribly grateful, and also secretly quite gratified that I have, at last, learned to ask for help, accept offers of help and not feel guilty about receiving kindness that I don’t deserve.  If they hadn’t been able to, I’d have done it myself of course – but I’m very relieved that it will be done better than I could.  Because the family concerned are lovely – it’s the baby’s mother’s parents who live here, in the nicest house in the village – well, the most beautiful in the loveliest setting.

I’ve been lazy about cycling – largely because I still don’t enjoy it one bit.  But I do need the exercise, largely because I’m getting most awfully chubby.  I really had to be quite resolute in fastening my newly-washed jeans the other day, which was quite dismaying.  Back to the dry toast and plain yoghurt regime.  I made lots of vegetable soup tonight too, which I will eat with an air of complete virtue.   I have glumly cycled into town every day since, as well.  The wind is surprisingly chill when you’re out in the open going across the dam (a dam, around here, is a road built across marshland or water meadow) even when the sun is shining.

And now I’m off to bed.  Must be all this fresh air, but I’m frightfully sleepy.

15 comments on “Z is having an Early Night

  1. Dandelion

    I don’t really like the idea of spiders having teeth. But then I don’t really like the idea of spiders generally. Luckily the ones in my house don’t seem at all offended that I don’t wish to engage with them.

  2. martina

    What I dislike are the spiders that skitter down from the ceiling unannounced. American spiders aren’t as polite as the English ones. Brown recluse spiders-very very scary and they can cause welts where they bite.

  3. Dave

    I always think of Hyfrydol as Hydrofoil.

    You could start moving the bricks/capping stones etc into piles usefully at hand for when we start work – I’m sure that’s the sort of fun exercise that will burn off the calories.

  4. Z

    Tilly had a little *accident* in the night, clearing up from which has left me not wanting breakfast at all. Hmm

    I didn’t use a recipe, just chucked in leek, celery, onion and potato, sweated them in a little butter and then added water and salt and cooked. I’ll use the blender on it and probably add some milk, and more seasoning of course.

    You have a puckish sense of humour, Dave.

  5. mago

    Tilly the leaky dog. When you mentioned the hymn yesterday I first thought it was the name of a kind of medicament, like Fukitol or something.

  6. Z

    If there isn’t a medication called Fukitol, there should be.

    Tilly is on gentle rations for a day or two. Still, at least there’s no reason to think she has anything amiss with her bladder.

  7. Scarlet Blue

    I am having similar problems with my jeans! But mine are old jeans that must have suddenly shrunk…?
    I have invested [a small fortune] in Wii-Fit plus…. even if it doesn’t work I’m still having a bit of a giggle and after only three days my muscles are groaning.

  8. Z

    It’s sort of the opposite of shrink-to-fit, isn’t it? : (

    Tilly approved of her chicken and vegetable supper. If she could speak, she’d certainly have said “Wii!”

  9. heybartender

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one having issues with my blue jeans. I blame the cold winter (though I’m told it was comparatively mild) and all of the burritos I ate while I was in Athens.

  10. Z

    I’m going to wear them without washing them until I lose the lard again. They’ll stand up by themselves before long.

    I relaxed during convalescence. And then a bit more through Easter – all that chocolate. I knew it was unwise. I’m not weighing myself, I don’t want to face it.


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