Z doesn’t see any spiders, all day, and posts no pictures

Ro called in today, which was a good surprise – that is, he did text first to be sure we were in.  He stayed for dinner; I having luckily bought a pound of mince, which stretched to lasagne for all of us plus a portion for him to take home.  Not that he doesn’t cook for himself, and does it very well at that.

He is thinking of buying a smartphone – not an iPhone, probably, although he did rather like mine.  At one point, he was checking out a website that he uses and started to type in its name  – “you’re not on the internet, you know” – “eh?” – “go on to Safari first” – “Oh, what was I doing?” – I’m afraid I did a little air-punch and a yes! for a moment there, as it’s the first time ever that I’ve corrected him with anything technology-minded for years.  Twenty years, probably.

“Tell me that you don’t want an iPad”, he begged.  I admitted that I want one, most passionately.  But, I added, not until it’s some use – that is, the second or third issue.  I confessed to being a complete convert to all things trendy, even faux-trendy, since buying my phone.  I have gone over to the dark side.  Worse, I don’t care.  Worst, I enjoy it.

I went down to the church to check the flowers.  They are all fine, even the daffodils.  I was watering them when a friend and her daughter arrived.  Daughter is getting married here, where she grew up, in the summer.  We chatted and, when saying goodbye, she mentioned a run her husband is doing tomorrow, which reminded me – “I was excited to hear that one of Rosie Swale-Pope‘s marathons will be here” – I bought her book telling of her “little” run around the world, last year – it was when I was in Glastonbury, where there was a lovely independent bookshop so I bought a couple of books there.  One, I have already mentioned over at ILTV’s place – it’s Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which I was hooked by, and Rosie’s was a complete winner too – as is she – in a different way.  Anyway, apparently she will be staying in her camper van overnight at the Staithe* and will be running the Yagnub marathon route – it’s half-marathon distance so she will, like those who will be running it the previous weekend, be doing it twice.  I won’t join her, but I hope to cheer her on at some point.

*These details for Badgerdaddy, as she is one of his heroes.

12 comments on “Z doesn’t see any spiders, all day, and posts no pictures

  1. Four Dinners

    Anybody who wants an I-Pad is obviously lost to the world of technology.

    My deepest sympathies.

    As to spiders. My very large pal is now into her third year in my garden shed. (Well I think it’s still her…)

    Right little breeder she is!

  2. Rog

    I’ve just had a flashback to my first half-marathon which was the Black Dog in Yagnub, (probably because it was so depressing).

    I can vivdly remember approaching the finish and hearing the cries from the crown, only to realize it was for the full marathon runners who were just about to lap me.

  3. Z

    We had a pet spider in our car and the Sage used to catch flies for him. We forgot to rescue him when we sold the car, so hoped he was all right.

    Remember my essential frivolity and fun-loving nature, also that I have finally, in my old age, come round to the pleasure of buying things just because I want to, for myself. But there’s not much I actually want.

    Your mum is so motherly, Dand. I’ve never done that sort of thing for my children.

    Dave and Rog, you both bring poignant tears to my eyes.

    I’ve had a look on the web, Mago (see what I did there?) but haven’t found it yet. I’d rather look in a book and I’ll look for a suitable one in the library in the next week.

  4. Z

    Well, he was also complaining about the poor return on his ISA, so maybe he’ll be in the mood to splash out instead of saving – his present phone is almost as old and low tech as my last one was.

    Excellent idea, Simon, yes please. Not that I’ve walked any great distance yet, but one only finds out by doing. Email me with suggestions for a date?

  5. Z

    Well, I did spend a day cooking for Weeza just before Zerlina was born and filled her freezer with soups and casseroles. And I did have a couple of weeks of making cakes when the Sage did all the other cooking. I suppose I’m motherly too.


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