Z’s thoughts have legs

You know how it is when you spend ages writing a post and then decide it isn’t right and delete it, and then have nothing to write?  Yup.  Me too.  That is, I just have.  I’m still lazing about not doing much – pottering in the greenhouse, doing a bit of cooking, reading, letting the work build up – actually, can’t do that much longer.  I’ll be sorry if I do.  I’ve promised two things in the last two days and haven’t started on either of them yet, let alone anything else.

Weeza still has my car, as the part that’s needed for her car is expensive, and the excellent garage chappie suggests getting one from a breaker’s yard instead – which makes sense as her car is as old as mine is.  But it takes longer.  A week or two back, I made an arrangement to visit a friend as I’m taking over from her on a committee and she wants to do a hand-over, and invited me to lunch at the same time.  I gave her a list of dates, and she suggested this Wednesday.  Having accepted, I’ve belatedly realised that I don’t have any way of getting there – it’s only 5 or 6 miles away, but there’s a hill I’m not prepared to cycle up.  I’ll have to borrow the Sage’s van after all if Weeza doesn’t bring my car back in time.

On the other hand, he could give me and the bike a lift and I could cycle back.  That’s a thought, actually.  It might have legs, as they say.

16 comments on “Z’s thoughts have legs

  1. Z

    When I don’t write, I get emails asking if I’m all right.

    I didn’t mention whether it was steep, Dave, I said I’m not prepared to cycle up it.

  2. sablonneuse

    Yes, I often have days like that so I don’t write anything. I have to admire you and Helen for posting something interesting every day – even if I don’t come and visit every day.
    If you do venture out on a bike I hope it’s less windy where you are. It’s quite blustery here – and cold.

  3. Z

    Sandy, you’re so kind.

    It’s quite windy here today too – the plan could be rethought if the wind will be against me. I’ll be coming west, then south.

  4. Dave

    The wind here (I appreaciate this may be the LS microclimate, and completely different in your part of the county) is from the north. You could hoist a sail and run before the wind.

  5. Z

    The southerly section, coming down from the Saints, is the downhill bit. A sail might be fun or it might be quite unwise.

  6. Z

    ‘Scuse me, Mago – I’m not the one needing glasses! The Sage would give me a lift up the hill before lunch and I’d cycle down again afterwards.

  7. Z

    Oh darling, I thought you were being slightly sarcastic. I’m so sorry – I should have known better. Mind you, I’d look a bit daft in them. I cycle down hills with the brakes on, you know, and rarely go above 20kph.

  8. mago

    Going down the hill I only cite Michael Schumacher: Who brakes, looses.
    A small escape. I’m a very moderate and collected person in other circumstances. Except on a bike down a hill, then I’m eleven or so …

  9. Z

    I’m not racing you then, Mago.

    In any case, I contain the second most expensive piece of china that the Sage has ever bought, and I daren’t break it.


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