Z is happy (not that this is unusual, but always worth noting)

Today has been absolutely splendid, my darlings.  Not that it started so well.  I woke around half past midnight, feeling overly warm (and I’m not old enough for the hot flush yet, dear hearts, so it wasn’t that) and realised that the Sage had gone to sleep with the electric blanket on.  I was too dopey to get up, so I edged to the far side and went back to sleep  – and was woken at ten past one by the burglar alarm.  Sadly, the Sage wasn’t.  So I got up, checked for burglars, didn’t bother to check for a mouse or spider but turned the bloody thing off.  I got back into bed, realised the sodding blanket was still on, got out and turned it off, which woke the Sage.  I heard him fumble (at the blanket controls, darlings, please get a grip) and said tersely that I’d already dealt with it…and played iAssociates and other fripperies for the next couple of hours.

Things improved once I’d slept and woken again.  And then I went to visit Weeza and Gus – who was all smiley and gorgeous … well, so was Weeza I suppose … anyway, eventually she went to get Zerlina from pre-school and then I went into the city, as we say about here.  Only, of course, with a glottal stop.  I went down the ci’ee to do some vital shopping.

I do like the Chapelfield mall.  I’m not exactly a shopping mall woman, which won’t surprise you – more a corner shop girl – but it has a good feel to it.  I didn’t know where to go, so went to the place that tells you, touched the screen appropriately, and a helpful young man appeared – as if by magic, my loves, like in Mr Benn – and asked if he could help.  “Is there an O2 shop?” I asked (knowing there was, I’d checked online).  He looked pleased.  “Just along there on the left, the shop before the Norwich and Peterborough.”  “I need to get a key cut.”  “That’ll be Timpsons, slightly further along on the left.”  Darlings, I was dead impressed and told him so.

I got my keys cut by Garth, who was charming and asked what my plans were for the day – no, not in a dodgy way, just conversation.  I told him.  The lady waiting to be served enthused about her iPhone.

The girl at O2 was able to tell me my average phone, text and internet use, which was jolly useful, but they didn’t have iPhones in stock.  So I toddled along to my second home.  And I was welcomed, made to feel lovely by people who understand and have come home with a beautiful 32GB iPhone 4S, which is already making me happy.  I was also happy to find that I can transfer the information on all my apps to it (I’d be gutted if I had to start Angry Birds from scratch) and also keep it all on the old one – everything but the use of the phone itself – and that in due course I can pass it on to the Sage and he can dump his HTC (or rather, sell it).

So then, I took the new keys back to Weeza, checked they worked, gave her one and kept two for us (I have got a key of hers but can’t find it right now) and cuddled Gus and chatted happily to little z.

And, by the way, I’m so glad that Zerlina likes good food.  She ate strong Cheddar, black olives and chorizo sausage for her lunch.  She will never be wary about new tastes, and I think that’s jolly fine.

17 comments on “Z is happy (not that this is unusual, but always worth noting)

  1. Four Dinners

    I-Phones??? Apps??? It’s a foreign laguage to the technologically inept like me…got an upgrade about 3 months back and still haven’t fathomed out how to switch the damn thing on! Must remember to ask Jax when she’s home for Christmas…

  2. Z

    Darling, welcome back! It’s lovely to hear from you again. Get an iPhone, it will transform your life. Honestly, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

    *pauses to consider having married the Sage* – well, okay, the best thing I’ve done in several decades.

  3. Scarlet Blue

    Happiness is a new shiny phone!
    Slightly off topic: Because of your posts about daily blogging I have decided to embark on an experiment, I am blogging daily for the next seven days. I’m sure boredom will set in by Thursday afternoon… for me and my commenters!

  4. Z

    Scarlet, that’s fine news. You’ve been much too quiet recently.

    Ha ha! Macy, you’re so cheeky.

    You will not regret it, LX. Is it your first iPhone?

    Thank you, John darling. I am happy you’re pleased.

  5. allotmentqueen

    Don’t want to sound like a complete nerd – but what is the attraction of an iPhone?

    Sorry have the most boring standard phone – from Samsung, I think – and all it does is be a phone. Oh, and when I can find the headphones I can listen to the radio on it, if I can track down a channel whose frequency works.

    And it’s pink, so none of my children are even remotely interested in borrowing it.

    I figure that makes me unlikely to be a target for muggers, at least in terms of wanting your phone.

  6. Z

    Before I had one, I had an elderly pay-as-you-go Nokia and spent about £15 a year on it at most. An iPhone is completely different. I didn’t expect it to change my life, and sorry to sound melodramatic, but it has!

  7. Blue Witch

    My fingers still don’t work on the new iPhoneys.

    Mr BW bought an iPad home the other night (one of the 8 his IT budget has just bought for his team for various purposes). I can confirm that my Witchy fingers couldn’t make it work. I laughed becuase Mr BW hated it too, and his fingers failed to make it work at least half the time.

    “But you have to admit it looks pretty!” he said. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I thought. So many ‘pretty’ things in our world aren’t the most funcional, or the most appropriatem thing for the job.

  8. Sir Bruin

    We also like the Chapelfield mall. Now that a branch of Yo Sushi has opened there, it is even more fine. We don’t get to go too often, it being beyond the edge of the known universe and all…..

  9. Rog

    I’m looking forward to your take on the new camera. It’s the main reason I’d be upgrading. I don’t want to be walking along arranging appointments with Siri.

  10. Z

    Even the Sage can manage without difficulty. He loves both the phone and the pad. Maybe you both have very dry hands. And I find them extremely functional, so we’ll have to continue to agree to differ.

    Norfolk is well outside any rational person’s comfort zone, Sir B.

    Ah, that’s because you’re a man, Rog. A woman is just thrilled to find someone who takes any notice of what she says. Apart from the usefulness of being able to turn the camera to face me and use it as a mirror, I haven’t tried it yet.

  11. Z

    I didn’t either, LX – the point of a smart phone isn’t really the phone, to be honest. I hardly use the landline now, but it’s the internet and everything else that I value the iPhone for.


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