Z is wild and free. Wild and Free, I tell ‘ee

That was a long day.  We started interviewing at 11.15, finished sometime after 3 and our deliberations lasted a very long time.  They were good interviews, it was a hard choice.  The Sage is in London at a picture sale today – I’m not expecting him back until around 10.  I can’t be bothered to light the fire, so am sitting in the unheated study with my coat on.  Yes, darlings, I know.  I’ll light a few candles to warm myself by.  I’ve been too tired to move until now, but I’ve just fetched myself a glass of wine and I’ll make some dinner in a few minutes.  Toast and Marmite or an egg I expect.  I had salmon and broccoli bake at school for lunch, it was jolly good and I won’t need much tonight.  Poached egg is the most cooking I can face, anyway.

Weeza put a brilliant photo of Gus on Facebook earlier, I’ve asked if I may post it here.  Highly amusing.

Tomorrow, I’ll go to Norwich and see them.  My phone contract is up next week and so I also need to sort out a new one.  That’s as far as I have got in the planning stakes.

I’m sorry, those of you to whom I owe letters (I think there are four of you, at least).  I’m not going to write them tonight either.  I really have to switch my mind off for a bit.  I’m planning to watch a DVD and read a book.  Simultaneously, of course.  I can’t just watch tv, it isn’t possible.

Darlings, if you are wondering why I really should skip a post once in a while, I think this shows it.  Really, quite uninspired.  All the same, it’s good to touch base with you.  Does that make me needy?  Eek.  Or too reliant on habit?  Worse.  I don’t do routine.  

15 comments on “Z is wild and free. Wild and Free, I tell ‘ee

  1. Tim

    You can’t put Marmite on top of salmon and broccoli (I state this as a law of nature).
    Habit and routine are useful items in the toolkit, but I think it’s good that you sometimes find them irksome or uninspiring, and kick against them. Do I make any sense? Probably not.

  2. Z

    I used mine lighting two candles.

    No,darlings, not four candles. Do get a grip.

    I should jolly well think not, Tim. Marmite goes on toast or in a sandwich. The Sage sometimes tops toast and Marmite with cheese and that is All Wrong. I have never tasted the combination, it’s simply not food.

    I kick against routine so much that my poor babies were never allowed a regular bedtime. I’m the woman least likely to be addicted to anything.

  3. Macy

    I’m wearing my sheepskin coat whilst reading this.

    And I’m reading this indoors at my desk….

    Saving my central heating money for when it gets really really cold…

  4. Blue Witch

    Oh -and – our 86 year old never-married, lived with his mother until she died 20-odd years ago, next-door-neighbour has honey and marmite sandwiches. Every day. He says that the Practice Nurse told him that was what kept him so healthy.

  5. Z

    Exactly, Macy.

    No, I explained the decision to blog every day, and I’ve continued as a discipline and a pleasure. I don’t feel a dependence on blogging. The only thing I’ve been ‘addicted’ to all my life is reading.

  6. Z

    So there’s no proving it. That’s all right, my love, I have nothing that needs to be proved.

    One always should, Wink. Look before you leap, but leap!

    Just a bit lopsided, John my love, but your heart’s in the right place xx


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