Strike up the band

I didn’t exactly do any housework today, by which I mean dusting and hoovering and so on, but at least I cleaned the kitchen.  I’d woken up sometime after 2 and knew immediately that I wouldn’t sleep again, so got up after a while and used the quiet time to sort out files on the computer, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

This evening, I went to the Winter Concert at the high school, which is where all the students taking individual music lessons perform, solo or in groups.  If they are learning an instrument or singing, they are expected to join a band of some sort.  There are several peripatetic instrumental tutors, but only one music teacher in school (although we will be appointing another one for next September when we gain two extra year groups) and she gives up nearly all her spare time, breaks and lunches, to open the music rooms for practice and extra tuition.

What strikes you more than anything is the enthusiasm and love of music among those young people.  It’s a complete delight and really heart-warming.  We had some brilliant musicians in the past few years, who now have moved on, and there’s a bit of a gap, but it’s rapidly being filled.  I was genuinely impressed by the ability of some of the pupils.  There had been some boys with fine singing voices and now the Man Band has been replaced by the mixed-sex Rock Choir, with a majority of girls, and there are not so many classical instrumentalists at present, although they are coming along, but there are some amazing guitarists.  One band, really quite stunningly good, is only Year 9.  I’d assumed they were older, I wouldn’t have expected such ability or assurance from 13-year-olds.

A friend who works in Aberdeen texted me to say, first that he wasn’t able to get home from work because the roads were closed, then to say they had been opened, but he was being diverted because of floods.  We had a sudden sharp downpour at about 6.30 and it’s still very windy, but nothing like the weather in Scotland and northern England.  I haven’t seen the news tonight, I know there’s a lot of power lines down but I hope nothing worse.

And now, I’m having an early night.  Not an early start in the morning which is good, I might get some washing on.

And tomorrow, I must remember to post a picture of Gus.  I’ve got Weeza’s permission.  It’s fabulous.

4 comments on “Strike up the band

  1. Roses

    Can’t wait to see the picture of Gus.

    I wonder if there is a particular formation in astrology which leads to unaccustomed bouts of domesticity?

  2. Scarlet Blue

    Same here, Roses, I have been very slack on the domestic front this month and this week I’ve suddenly had the urge. I will be putting the decorations up soon and this may have inspired me.


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