Z is glad she didn’t ruin her Sunday finding out about this earlier

Oh blimey. Home for a few hours as Tim is in the shop until 4.30 (it doesn’t need two people in the afternoon), I’m printing out the stuff I need for the meeting tomorrow. The membership secretary emailed me (she’s just learned to attach documents) the revised membership list, asking me to print it out for the committee as she can’t make it include emails, which are newly added this year. I set it all up and then, fortunately, looked closer before printing. Many of the addresses have gone all random, with villages in the wrong place (against the address that is, they haven’t physically moved from one part of Norfolk to another).

I realise what she’s done, after a few bewildered minutes, for it’s not the new members (some of whom are on the list and some not) whose addresses have been changed. She doesn’t know how to put them in alphabetical order, so she’s done it physically, one by one, but not changed each and every cell. She’d have been in trouble if she had tried to put them in alphabetical order in fact, as she’s been a bit random as to where she started typing the surname, with sometimes a space in front and sometimes not, so they’d have been sorted by that first.

Now I’m having to go through all 381 of them to check and amend. It’s unbelievably tricky and quite a strain on the eyes, as I go from last year’s correct list on the screen to this one’s totally screwed one. I can’t be annoyed, when I think of all the hours the dear woman must have spent patiently changing the list when it would have been so easy to do it the right way (apart from all those misplaced spaces). She is in her late 70s, still plays tennis, golf and bridge and, like many of us, muddles through pretty effectively with her computer – most of the time.

8 comments on “Z is glad she didn’t ruin her Sunday finding out about this earlier

  1. Z

    I am just on to the Ts and number 300. I haven’t yet checked on the new members (there are 32 and she has put in some of them) nor have i tidied up the initial letters to enable me to put the new members among the others in alphabetical order.

    Thank you, Honey. I can tell you feel my pain.

  2. Z


    Still, it’s done now and as she is leaving the committee, (meetings are on one of her tennis days, which she has kindly been missing for the past couple of years) so she it won’t happen again.


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