Lazy Sunday

Oh, I am not a friend to myself. If I were, I’d have done a bit of work today. As it is, I took the day off and therefore will have to do whole lots tomorrow evening when I’m tired. Stoopid, terribly terribly stoopid, but on the other hand I’ve taken a day off, so will say ‘yay!’ and, well, maybe I’ll do a bit tonight. I have, at least, printed out the address labels from the mailing list and phoned in the orders for tomorrow’s deliveries.

I was in bed before 10 o’clock last night and went straight to sleep. I was awake again at 3.30. I mused, in the next wakeful hour or so, that the old saying goes that an hour’s sleep before midnight is worth two after. The saying doesn’t say that it replaces that two hours. I was just too damn tired to get up though, and finally slept, if fitfully, until 8; and then had to belt about like nobody’s business. Still, I took the papers out onto the lawn and slept this afternoon, which was rather enjoyable. It was very warm but the sun was mostly hidden behind hazy clouds so I don’t seem to have been sunburnt…

Nor have I watered the greenhouses. I seem to be just opting out, and have done for a few weeks. No explanation, no excuse, just don’t seem to care that much. There is a splendid crop of blackberries growing on the brambles at the end of the drive, which is quite enough reason not to cut them back for another few weeks. And to think that only a year ago I was working so hard with my pruning saw. Maybe not an exact year, really, we’re not checking back are we? that’s the trouble with a blog, we can check these things and it doesn’t give me scope for broad and sweeping statements that may be not quite accurate.

Roast chicken for dinner tonight. And afterwards I had a chat with my girlie. The baby is fine and slept from 1 am until 5.30 and then again until a reasonable time and has been feeding well all day, so they feel they don’t have to set an alarm to get up and wake her at night, which will make life easier. They’re very lucky, I never had a baby sleep more than a couple of hours at a time, day or night, for the first several weeks.

11 comments on “Lazy Sunday

  1. The Boy

    You are a wise women to take a day off. We never take days off, its very sad. Work work work, that’s the boys life! Might have to make some time for bramble jam though…

  2. Z

    Splendid, Dave -watch out with those treble exclamation marks, JonnyB guards them jealously.

    Boy, if next weekend’s the last before your children go back to school (or maybe the weekend after?) then how about taking a whole day to have fun with them? It could just be a day you’ll all remember for years to come.

  3. The Boy

    Oh, they’re back this week. We do have ways of finding time off, but with very warped logic. They spent last weekend with their grandparents and we had to drive up North to pick them up. Meant we weren’t working on the house, but spent a lot of time in the car. Still we had all of Saturday and Sunday morning out rambling the dales with them.

  4. Z

    Really? Times do change – in my young day (oh, but how long ago that was) private schools went back at least a week later than state schools. I never was at school on my birthday.

    Sounds a tiring weekend, but a good one – apart from all that driving.

  5. Dave

    It rather looks as if I shall be a trifle busy first thing tomorrow, so shall not be able to get to the computer until late in the day – so please wish Dilly a happy birthday for me, will you – and give her an extra dog-biscuit.

  6. Z

    You are so thoughtful, Dave. xx from me and Dilly (who is strangely unfond of dog biscuits, but there’s no accounting for taste)


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