Z is given more presents

At the end of the school year, the staff always have a party to say goodbye to anyone who is leaving.  I’ve gone too, a couple of times, and this year I was invited again.  I had to change another meeting, but the people concerned kindly agreed to make it next week – when the Head faux-casually asked me if I’d be there, I twigged something was up – darlings, I’m not at all comfortable with fulsome praise.  i’m fine with the judicious sort.  Yes, I do ok.  I’ve worked hard and been genuinely dedicated and done as much as I can for the school, I merited quite a quarter of what he said.  I’d even be pushed to a third, if modesty were to be thrown out of the window and I puffed myself up a fair bit.  Anyway, I said I didn’t recognise the description of me, but I’d love to meet the person described.  I pointed out that he’d given polite euphemisms for someone who was bossy, interfering and inquisitive.  I  said how well the school had educated Ronan and how much I appreciated it, how I admired the staff and that I clearly hadn’t enough to do with my time, as I do spend quite a lot of time there.  I was given a lovely wicker box of delicious goodies from the excellent local deli.  Clearly, it is well known that the way to Z’s heart is via her rounded tum.

There are a number of staff retiring this year, as well as those moving on to other jobs.  The lovely things said made it clear how closely friendly the relationships are within school, they are genuinely supportive and warm to each other.

I’m too tired to write more tonight but there’s more to be said, in regard to school things and what’s happening here during the summer,.  I don’t mean to leave things in the air, but I really do need to go to bed.  I know its not yet 10 o’clock, but I’ve turned into a wuss.

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  1. Roses

    I’m so glad your contribution was recognised. Even if it did make you a wee but uncomfortable. You’ve worked bloody hard on their behalf for a long time. Good stuff.

    Far better that, than the opposite: there’s the door…you’re still here?


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