Eating out

I made summer puddings from the fruit I bought at the market, which prompted me to invite Roses and Boy to dinner, as I couldn’t eat them all by myself.  Then Ro phoned and mentioned that Dora would be in London until late on Sunday, so I asked him along too.  I bought steak, thinking of trying my new electric gizmo that saves me either firing up the barbecue (it’d be worth it for four but not for one – it really wasn’t for two, come to that) or using my little cooker that is no worthwhile substitute for my Aga.

So I have to take responsibility for the rain yesterday, I’m afraid – but it did clear up and become warm and sunny enough in the evening to risk it, so we ate outside after all.  There was a tiny bit of summer pudding left, so i had that and some watermelon for breakfast.

I’ve been sporting a temporary crown on a back tooth over the last fortnight – sadly, though my front teeth are in very good nick, with eleven of the front twelve having no fillings at all, my back teeth have demonstrated that a nutcracking habit was not a good idea when I was a child, and they are a bit fragile.  Today, I went for the permanent version of the crown.

My new helper is splendid and very reliable, but he doesn’t get the concept of “too busy to talk.”  He called when I was upstairs cleaning my teeth, so I trotted down and answered the query he had, and attempted to stem the flow of chat by saying I had to leave for the dentist – I scarpered back upstairs but he was still waiting when I got down again.  I repeated that I had to leave, whereupon he asked who my dentist was, told me who his is, reminisced about dentists in times past – this sort of thing happens every time and, in the end, I always have to walk away. “Right, mustn’t keep you, see you tomorrow” is the right answer, if only he knew it.  No matter, I just must get used to being less polite than I normally am.

When lying in the dentist’s chair, I normally distract myself with poetry or times tables, but today I was trying to remember the PINs on all my cards.  I have five of them, two bank cards and three credit cards, and I’ve always kept the number sent by the bank.  But I’ve forgotten one of them.  I’m trying now to put it out of my mind, in the hope that the memory simply returns tomorrow.  I always devise a way of remembering a number, rather than simply memorising it, but I haven’t the foggiest this time.

I called in at the Co-op for more stray cat food and have discovered a break-through in attitude.  I didn’t buy the cheapest, own brand one.  Clearly, in my mind, they’ve now gone from strays to pets.  The kittens all look at me intently, unless I stare back, which is a bit much for them as yet.  The mother has green eyes, which none of the babies has inherited.

5 comments on “Eating out

  1. sablonneuse

    You are brave to see the dentist. I hate having my teeth inspected. In fact, I usually say ‘you can look but don’t touch’ as I have a horror of anything in my mouth (except food, of course!) Fortunately my teeth are in good condition with very few fillings that date from a rather dishonest dentist who found problems that weren’t really there!

  2. Z Post author

    I’ve been counting up – I think it’s 15 perfect teeth, but a lot of the rest have been crowned. Feast or famine here!

  3. Roses

    Dinner was fabulous…your summer pudding….so yummy.

    I wished I was more awake and with it for the meal, Ronan is such great company (and you, of course). 😀


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