Better to wear out…

I should not leave out a day, because it isn’t then easy to catch up.  I’ll be topical, and backtrack when there’s an uneventful day. Not that the events of the day matter except to me, come to that, but I’ve been rambling on about them for all these years and I do track back, every so often.

Weeza and Phil are in London this weekend for a wedding, so I have Zerlina and Augustus staying with me.  I also have Ben the dog – my ex-dog – as his owners are at the Latitude festival for the weekend.  I have to say, Eloise-cat isn’t much impressed.  She swiped with a paw to make it clear she’s not to be messed with – i so appreciate animal body language … I was holding her and she didn’t have her claws out, it was assertive rather than aggressive and Ben dropped his eyes and accepted what she said.  No sound was made and there was no need for it – all the same, Eloise isn’t comfortable and is spending most of the time in my study, where there’s a hatchway through to the kitchen counter.  When I’m out, I give Ben the drawing room, cloakroom and passageway, whilst Eloise has the kitchen, study and both dining rooms..  At night, he has downstairs and she has upstairs.  This is all fine.  Yesterday, she went up on the roof while she thought about the situation and I, once he was well out of sight, fetched a ladder to go and reassure her.  Actually, I took her by the scruff and obliged her to succumb to cuddles.

We dropped Weeza and Phil at the station and came back via the supermarket, and I hurried for the next two hours.  Feeding animals, walking dog, feeding children, giving cup of tea to friend who called was a full-time job. Then I put the children to bed, making sure their teeth were thoroughly brushed but giving the most cursory anti-stickiness wipe with a damp flannel, and came down for my dinner.  I’d taken a sausage casserole out of the freezer and it was, I’m glad to say, a hit.  They are not children to fuss about food and will give a new dish a try – Gus loved it and had three sausages, and Zerlina had two.  They’d snacked on strawberries while they were waiting and had crème caramel (bought) afterwards.

Another friend called round this evening – Rose dropped in too for a while, just as the children were finishing their tea – it’s only now, after nine o’clock, that I am able to sit down.   I have no idea if there’s anything on television, I won’t have the energy to watch it anyway.  Maybe a little music to finish the day.

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