Z is forgetful

I’ve mostly been forgetting things. I nearly fed Ben twice yesterday and it was only Roses’ alertness that stopped me. Today, I wanted to get some cash out of the hole in the wall, got out my card and realised I couldn’t think of the PIN. I had to learn a new PIN for a different card, you see, and it seems to have driven out the other one. I can remember three out of four digits but that doesn’t quite cut the mustard. I’m trying to put the whole thing out of my mind, so that it might bob back unbidden in the morning.  And I had to put in my BBC iPlayer password and had no idea what that might be and had to reset it altogether. Although apparently they make you sign in every three months, which wasn’t made clear earlier or I might have taken more notice.

It’s only half past nine but I’m already in bed. I had several emails to write tonight but I haven’t written any of them. I’ve just sat. I can only hope I will get them done tomorrow, but I’m not at all confident. In the meantime, I’m listening to The Importance of being Earnest. 

i nearly forgot to mention, Big Pinkie and the black cow and her calf were picked up and taken back to the farm today. Jonni, Brian and the boy whose name I didn’t ascertain came to round them up because they thought it might be a tricky job. The calf has never been handled, was born on the field in the summer and has been running wild. However, I could only applaud them. They neatly walked them into the dead end they’d constructed with the trailer and two gates and the cattle meekly walked into said trailer. I’ve taken care not to become fond of the young bull, of course, there can be no happy ending there. Pinkie is looking her age, she is 17 now and a bit bony and arthritic, but she will be cared for at the farm in her well-earned retirement.  There’s not much room for sentiment in farming, but there are a few chinks.

2 comments on “Z is forgetful

  1. 63mago

    Das große Verschnaufen perhaps ? Time to do nothing for a bit, except test wine and care for the dog ?
    And of course I forgot most of them passwords, that’s why I have little scribbled post-it somewhere on my desk. There is also a little program that keeps all these data, but one needs a master-password … well, yes …

  2. Z Post author

    No time to do nothing, Mago, not at this time of the year! I think I’ve remembered my PIN though, I must test it tomorrow. If it isn’t right, I’ll go into the bank and ask them to send me a reminder, it’s not a big problem. I really try to remember things – I’ve got 5 cards with PINs plus two bank accounts and a credit card account on my phone with PINs and I know them all (assuming I’ve remembered that one right) but I think that’s about my limit.


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