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I ushered the tumble dryer repair man through and met Roses on the way, so asked her in for a cup of tea.  And then Charlotte texted to see if it was convenient to drop in as she was in the town – in the end, I suggested a Thai takeaway and we all spent the evening together round the kitchen table.  I do like a spontaneous get-together.

You may remember that, in September, I went to Maastricht to visit my blog friend Irene, who is suffering from lung cancer.  We had a lovely time and were drawn to each other, she cooked for me and we went out and about and had fun, we talked and we sat in silence with our iPads, often taking snaps of each other and posting them on Facebook.  Simple entertainment, we felt a loving bond.  I’ve arranged to go and see her again in January.  However, her daughter, at Irene’s request, wrote a post on Facebook today to say that the palliative care nurse has evaluated her present stage of her illness and says that she is in the final stages.  They’re both taking the information with the clear courage they’ve shown all along, so her friends can do nothing less.

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