Z feels productive

I’ve got a load of school stuff done plus some emails sent tonight, so I feel more constructive.  My early night wasn’t a good idea – I went to sleep, woke after a couple of hours – it didn’t help that the dog imagined danger again and kept barking at intervals until I shouted at him – and only catnapped the rest of the night.  Still, no matter.  I suppose it was those two hours that I needed.

Tomorrow, I shall buy some Christmas cards.  I’ve not really sent them the last few years, but I must reply to any sent to me – assuming I know the address, that is.  I’ve no idea where our address book is, I can’t think where Russell put it.  By elimination, I know it must be in my study, which is where it’s supposed to be, but it’s not in the right place.  Oh well.  I’ll write letters and send them when I can.  I must write some every night.  Nag me if I slip, will you darlings?  I won’t take it amiss if you do.

In one of the garages, we found several bottles of good brandy.  I never bought multiple bottles, so they must have been bought by my father-in-law more than 30 years ago.  They’re fine, I opened one last week and have had another tot tonight.  I prefer whisky really, and I’ve got a bottle of Glenmorangie opened, but I’m quite happy with cognac too.  Easy-going, me.

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  1. Z Post author

    As a Lowestoft girl, I like anything smoky, John, including Scotch.

    You can go much further wrong with a harsh brandy, can’t you, Mike?


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