Z is feeling neglected

So. Where is everybody? I went out at about half past three, saying I’d not be home until five, and no one said anything about going out. But I returned to an empty house. Now, at nearly seven, there is still no one here.

Hmph. I bet they will burst through the door in ten minutes, demanding to know when dinner will be ready and what is it?

Corn on the cob. Roast duck and roast potatoes. Whatever other vegetable there is enough of to pick. Twenty to eight precisely.

And, being home and alone, what am I doing? Drinking red wine, eating pretzels, reading blogs, reading the paper, listening to Troubled Diva’s podcast* (which I downloaded days ago and haven’t had an hour free for until now). How about a little stimulating conversation here?

I sigh. I pour another glass of wine. I eat a fig. I sigh.

*Should I have put a link to that? Surely you all read and love Troubled Diva already.

2 comments on “Z is feeling neglected

  1. Geena

    Sat night?

    Darling Z.

    I have the friendly companionship of my bottle of rose and maybe, now that you’ve mentioned roast duck, I should include a bite to eat.

    Lonely? Naah…I have me music, me vino, meself, me mates online..(does anybody DO anything on Sat nights anymore?? why are they all at home and online? why am I online?) and all me shopping.. a most productive and happy day.

    And I have a man who loves me – I think – one never knows with men. Fickle lot, them.


  2. Z

    Geena darling, would you believe that, at the moment your comment arrived, I was reading your blog (yes, I already read it today, but I reread for the further comments). ESP.

    I wasn’t exactly lonely, just neglected. As expected, everyone arrived home in time for dinner. I have no idea where they have been.

    Men are lovely really. Mostly however, as long as one doesn’t have to live with them. But the right one enhances your life in every way. The right man at the right time.

    Just got another message from you! Ooh, I’m lucky tonight after all!

    Here’s mud in your eye. (I do hope they have that toast in SA or you will think I’m insulting you)


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