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  1. Z

    Nor did I. A bit of guesswork and eliminating the ones I did know and didn’t care for.

    On the back in starfish mode with mouth open has a limited appeal though, unless you like sleeping with a snorer.

  2. Geena

    Oh my…

    this is me…hmmm..not bad…..

    The Colon

    Colon Traits and Tendencies

    The Colon is the chosen pose of individuals who, on their own, seem awkward or remote. They may be the sort who responds to telephone messages with email, or spends their lunchtimes quietly pedometer-walking in lieu of socializing with coworkers. But when a Colonist finds its mate, together they acquire a grace and ease that surprises friends and family.

  3. Z

    The colon? The Colon? Jeez, what does that look like? And is it like you at all?

    Mine said ‘Fireman’s Carry is the pose of two people who are fully committed. They may feel reluctant to commit to anything else in their lives (Fireman’s Carry couples tend to rent versus own, and respond to every invitation with a “maybe”), but their dedication to each other is unshakeable. Fireman’s Carriers often arrive at this level of committment rather suddenly; after a lifetime of keep-away, they encounter their person in some unexpected location (the DMV), and their reluctance to get involved evaporates with a suddenness that surprises everyone they know.’

    Which is a bit bollocks, actually. We’ve never rented, say ‘yes’ joyously to any invitation (blimey, someone else is cooking? Washing up? Being friendly?) and I married at 19 the man I met at 16, when I’d have been far too young to be involved with a man over 30. I wonder what a DMV is.

  4. Z

    I’ve checked Wikipedia, who suggests Department of Motor Vehicles (US), Deserted Mediaeval Village (a bit far-fetched, that one), Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung (German Mathematical Society), Deutscher Motorsport Verband (a German motorsportorganisation) or DMV (a sone performed by Primus).

    I’d be more likely to meet someone in a Dipso Maniacs’ Vessel, which sounds more interesting than any of those.


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