Are we nearly there yet?

This is something I’ve been avoiding for a long time. Getting an account on eBay. The Sage loves an auction – so do I come to that, but I have no particular urge to buy things just for the sake of it – and he is an inveterate collector. But, looking for something, nosily, that someone we know is selling, I noticed a teabowl and mentioned it – he was excited to see that he has a matching saucer. So I admitted that it is not hard to set up an account, and we put in a bid.

The close of the auction was 5 o’clock this evening. He was highly excited all afternoon, getting me to check continually to see if he had been outbid – and then, with half an hour to go, he fell asleep, exhausted with nervous tension, in an armchair, the saucer still clutched between his fingers.

He bought it. For less than his maximum bid. Some mean so-and-so put in a higher bid with 5 seconds to go, but not high enough. He is a happy Sage. But what have I started?

There is one good thing. He is completely disconcerted by the computer and doesn’t even know how to check his emails. So I have control. But I am just so easily cajoled……..

7 comments on “Are we nearly there yet?

  1. Z

    Banana, my sympathies. And thank you for the timely warning. Luckily I am not the shopaholic of the family. I only buy things I really want 😉

  2. Geena

    I can echo Banana – I got such a kick out of eBay and the thrill of the last seconds of the auction – although I always had a limit to never quite needed rehab..but oh yes it is addictive…I am sorely in need of books and might pop over there later on…

    I wouldn’t want to buy old things on ebay though – I love browsing around markets and junk shops and hoping to spot a gem..its such a fun way to pass the time.

  3. Z

    Geena, I could go that way too, but I’ve got just too much stuff already. And someone in the family has to show some restraint…..

    I agree with you about the junk shops too – though in this case, as it was a specific pattern and he has the saucer, he has really got a bargain.

    I have a bad Amazon (and similar) habit. I bought a CD only this evening. Books, films and music are my weakness and it’s too easy online.

  4. How do we know

    I used to use ebay too.. but here in India its so much easier to just go out and buy the stuff u need.. and that, methinks, makes us a very touch and feel kind of people.
    Besides, there is the joy of haggling with the seller even when the notice says” Fixed price!”.. its a joy unto itself! 🙂

  5. laurel

    Sounds dangerous…what if Sage gains control by virtue of incessant begging to ebay? Could be his first ebay auction victory will spur him on to ever greater bids..
    Maybe, having fallen in love with a collector (eek), I am just projecting my fear of corners filled with stuff onto you and your Sage…

  6. Z

    Hello Laurel, welcome. And my sympathy. A happy collector is so endearing that it’s only too tempting to encourage him and, soon enough, no more room.

    I’ve always consoled myself that, to him, I become more valuable with age. Won’t be long before I’m an antique myself and at least he will want to treasure me and not put me up on ebay!


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