Z is excited

“Will you tidy up for my visits, when I’ve left home?” enquired Ro. “Probably,” I answered. He’d noticed. El and Phil are visiting this weekend and the kitchen was looking markedly less clutterful. “Maybe you do it because of Phil” he mused “…but then you don’t bother for Dilly. Must be because it’s a special occasion.” I agreed. Once he’s moved out and it’s a treat for him to visit, then I’ll tidy. Right now, he adds to the clutter.

He’s got a large bedroom, but somehow he needs to spread out a bit. I went into the spare bedroom to dust it this morning and found his clean washing spread out all over the bed, presumably so that it won’t get creased before he gets around to folding it. This is perfectly sensible and I don’t mind in the least, but it would be good if it had occurred to him to put it all away last night.

I’m just off to tidy the bedroom, I’ve got half an hour before leaving for the station. It’s lovely when the family comes to stay.

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  1. Dave

    Of course, with a spare bed to hand, it is possible that washing never need be folded, merely stored flat and crease-free, then worn when required.

    Horizontal wardrobing.

  2. sablonneuse

    Just had a littlecatch up session as I’ve had less time to read blogs svery day.
    Like you, I’m expecting a visit from family and cleaned and polished the guest room while my two adult offspring were away for the week. Before I had time to say ‘Keep out of the guestroom’ my daughter was in there using the shower (she likes that one better than her own) so she has promised to clean it thoroughly before guests arrive tomorrow.

  3. Z

    Dave, a bachelor’s way of thinking (and mine, vastly sensible).

    I folded the laundry and left a neat pile outside his room. We haven’t mentioned it. However, he did offer to help with dinner and, together, we’ve prepared all the vegetables for tonight and tomorrow lunchtime.

    I agree, cleaning up after oneself is the thing. Nothing more demoralising than having to clean and tidy twice. Oh, maybe there is…let’s not go there.

    Dinner will be on the table in five minutes. Have a good evening, all of you xx

  4. Z

    Hope you had a lovely time – 12 hour drive, gosh, you must be exhausted.

    You too, Dave. I ordered 50 palm crosses, hope that’s enough for our little church. Last year I ordered 40 and didn’t get one myself. I think a few people took an extra cross.


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