As ever, the Sage was marvellous. I left a request that the pork should be put in the oven at 11 and the potatoes at 12.30. I finally arrived home at 1 o’clock, to discover that the potatoes were coming on nicely, so were the parsnips (which I hadn’t mentioned as I expected to be home somewhat earlier) and that he had decided that the meat was cooked and had removed it from the oven. He was right.

Lunch was on the table at 1.30 sharp (I plan food to be ready on time, I can’t help it. Synchronised cooking is a habit too ingrained to break). We ate in the kitchen, as the dining room table is occupied at present. The kitchen table seats 6 and there were 9 of us, so a small mahogany table was brought in from the drawing room and Pugsley used a high chair so that we could all sit together.

The loin of pork weighed 3.6 kilos at the start, but an hour later there was nothing left but bones, and great bowls of vegetables vanished too*. Pugsley unexpectedly discovered that carrots are delicious and ate a great deal of them.

Everything got washed up or stacked in the dishwasher as it was finished with. Usually, I find a few dismally forgotten crocks on the dining table the next day.

Several members of the family have birthdays in the next few weeks, so Squiffany and her mother had made and decorated a lemon cake, which we ate on Saturday. Come to think of it, the weekend rather revolved around food.

A busy few weeks coming up. If I had any sense, I’d concentrate on work and not blog until after Easter, at least.

See you tomorrow, darlings.

*The vegetables. The bowls were left.

8 comments on “Senseless

  1. Dave

    I’m trying not to allow my life to revolve around food.

    Unfortunately, due to factors largely beyond my control, I seem to be eating more food than I need, and now minor planets and small moons are revolving around my mass.

  2. Z

    Now well into the fifth month of a Strict Diet, I’m with you there, Dave – or shall I call you Sunshine?

    Welcome, Gordie – they proved their natural affinity with perfect cooking and dextrous carving. Taste good, too…

  3. PI

    Do you find that blogging tends to result in any flat surface being covered with books, papers, cuttings, photos, notebooks, albums, cameras, scisssors and wires? Or is it just me?


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