Z is left holding 28 very big babies

I left for the high school in adequate time, but I arrived a few minutes late – first I was stopped by a friend who had some papers for me … I said I’d call back … and then I was held up by roadworks. The road was so narrow that there wasn’t room for me to go on the inside of the queue of cars. At one point, I did, but then would have delayed the car I’d over (or under) taken. I looked back and a smiling lady was waiting, but I waved her on. I’m not that cheeky.

There was a written exercise this morning so the teacher, with exceptional trust, left me with the class for a few minutes while she went to do some printing for tonight’s performance of the school play (which I saw last night and was superb). Of course, during that time the head called in and looked amused to see me in sole charge. He left me to it – another one who overestimates my power over 14-year-olds. They were all behaving themselves at the time, mind you. A couple of lads are trying to push buttons, quite good-humouredly, but there’s no chance of me rising to the bait. They didn’t get a lot of work done, but most of the class did. The teacher says that they are the trickiest Year 9 class this year, but I must say that they are a good bunch. Some of them don’t have great attention spans, but there’s no malice and no bad behaviour apart from general mild exuberance. One lad, addressed by name, tried to convince me that his name was another one…sure, good try. I explained that there are some people whose names stick in the mind quite quickly. One girl, on the other hand, showed me her work at the end and asked if it was all right. It was neat, beautifully presented and had good content and I was impressed.

Dilly had yet another hospital appointment – her MRI scan was inconclusive and the consultant was apologetic. A biopsy comes next. She’s fine – I’ll tell you about it when I know what’s what.

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