Z is Ben’s cushion

Anastasia and Natasha were both out today so I’ve given in.  I’ve fed them and put the heat lamp on and they can stay awake for a couple more months.  I wanted them to hibernate in January anyway.  Edweena was trying to burrow in the vivarium, though there’s not enough depth of sand, she really does want to hbernate.  All I need is cold weather, which is not yet forthcoming.

Stevo and I spent some time painting the annexe fence – not gloss paint, only weatherproofing it.  All the same, it’s a long job,  It’s a picket fence so every upright has four sides and there are two horizontal bars as well.  Then there’s the top and a dab underneath.  We’ve done about a quarter.  Then there’s the panel fencing at the side, the new field gate and the garden seat.  I hope the weather will hold, most of the time.

Friends in the West country posted on Facebook that the weather was diabolical, which was not the case here.  A nicely sunny morning, warm for the time of the year and a clear if chilly afternoon, with a gradually rising wind.  It might rain later, but nothing like poor Cornwall.  I love Cornwall but am thankful not to live there – they might not get really cold weather but they have more rain than their due, nowadays.  The bad weather always seems to come across the Atlantic nowadays, so has pretty well dumped its load of rain by the time it gets here.

I tried to post photos but it was’t willing.  Another time, darlings, I’m a bit tired to try again tonight and I’ve got several school-related letters to write yet.  Tomorrow, I’m off to visit darling Ziggi and Mig will call on us too, which is lovely. Since I will undoubtedly get her wifi password, I’ll probably not stop blogging, however.

In the meantime, Ben is on my lap and typing is tricky.



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