Z drinks champagne

I’m in Wiltshire at present, staying with Zig and her cats, dogs, tortoise and – not in the same house, but I’ll see them in the morning – horses. She made me delicious butternut squash soup and we’ve spent the evening drinking champagne. On Tuesday, Mig is coming for lunch before I leave for home. Darling Charlotte is looking after everything at home in the meantime.

I have been trying to sort out a family party and I’m very pleased that everything seems to be coming together at last. My first choice of date didn’t work, but now it turns out that everyone can come on the 23rd of this month. Dilly’s family has not yet met Dora’s family, but this will be put right and there will be about 30 of us altogether, which is brilliant. I love nothing better than a houseful. I’d like to wear a sari so that Dora’s mother is not alone in her way of dress, but it may not happen, I’ll have to see.

Zig’s pets are exceptionally cuddly. One of the cats is purring on my lap right now, making it quite difficult to type on my iPad. But I’m managing. Her latest acquisition is a kitten named Eloise.

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  1. Z Post author

    Thank you, I’m home now, didn’t see Barney this time but Mig sends love to all. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, Mike and Ann.


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