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I had a shock yesterday – not meaning to overstate this but it did worry me for a minute.  I went past the tortoise enclosure and glanced in, as I always do several times a day, and a Tot was lying on her back, all four limbs stuck out, not moving.  I was momentarily convinced she was dead until I realised she’d just fallen off the piece of bark that the babies love to climb on.  I picked her up, turned her over and stroked her and she trotted off.  Totted off.

They’re out and about less now and I’m not turning on the sun lamps any more.  I thought it was going to turn colder than it has, but I’ll hibernate them soon for a little while.  Edweena can sleep for about four months but not the babies, a month will be quite enough.  I have to say, I’m rather anxious about it, but if I put each of them in a box, weigh it and then wake them up if they lose about 10% of their weight, I don’t think there will be any problem.

I made a difficult decision and referred to it a week ago – not to beat about the bush, I’m giving away my dog.  This is not because I want to, but because it’ll be best for him.  He so loved the family who stayed in my annexe over the summer and he spent all possible time with them.  They adored him too and decided that the time had come to get a dog – as soon as I heard that, I asked Bex to talk to me first and, when she called in, I offered her Ben and she was really happy to accept.  I would not consider looking for another home for him in any other circumstances, but he loves them, he adores being with children, they are more fun for a young dog than I am and will give him more exercise and quite as much love.  If he loved me best, I’d not do it, but he misses them, affectionate as he is with me too.  At heart, he’s their dog already.

I’ve got him for a few more weeks as their house still isn’t quite ready and in the meantime we are sharing him, they call in to take him out and he is quite willing to come and go.  He really is a sweet-natured boy.  I will have another dog in time, but not until I’m settled in my new home, so that probably won’t be for another couple of years.  If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s considerable patience.  I’ve not yet lost the habit of hope, either.

Regarding yesterday’s post, everyone has taken my suggestion with considerable enthusiasm.  Dilly asked if I’m going to be a nomad or a yesmad.  The latter, obviously!



5 comments on “The Yesmad

  1. Liz

    Having met Ben several times, I think he will definitely enjoy being with a young family. I’m sure you will miss him but you know he will be happy and well looked after. That must have been a tough decision, but it sounds like the right one to me.

  2. sablonneuse

    It must have been a hard decision but you have put Ben’s happiness first and it certanly sounds as though he is going to enjoy life with his new family.
    Looking on the bright side, it leaves you free to up and go whenever and wherever your fancy takes you.

  3. Z Post author

    Good question, that is still to be decided. I don’t know if I’ll farm them out temporarily or find them new homes. I’m fond of them but they were Russell’s choice of pet, not mine.


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