Z is back to normal

I ate a piece of toast and took a banana upstairs with me to ward off night hunger pangs, but I was so tired that I slept straight through.  I put the radio on – Diamonds are Forever on Radio 4Extra but I missed a fair bit of it as I slept, then woke, then slept again.  This morning, it transpired that Eloise-cat had been investigating the banana in the night – it looked a bit bruise, but I had it for breakfast and didn’t mind the odd cat tooth mark.

The chicks in the scrap metal pile had started to hatch, so Roses helped me remove the mother, babies and remaining eggs, four of which were already cracking and the chicks inside were cheeping.  I tucked one of those eggs under the hen with only one chick – I don’t think her other eggs will hatch.  I’ll go out and check on them all soon.

Tonight, I’m off to visit our friends Mike and Ann and we are all due for breakfast in the company of Sir Bruin and the Small Bear.  I’m very excited and looking forward to it immensely.  Thank goodness I’m over my absurd tiredness and will be on enthusiastic form, as normal.

Anyone who wishes to challenge the word normal will be disregarded. I’m entirely normal … for Norfolk, anyway.

The gnat I thought I was brushing from my shoulder a while ago turned out to be a wasp and it didn’t receive the attention well.  Nor did I come to that – but, whilst I’ve been stung, it’s dead, so I’ve come off better there, on the whole.  At least I won’t be in a position to cold-shoulder anyone for some time, it’s hot and red instead.  I scuttled off to the kitchen muttering “vinegar for vasps” and anointed it while I found up the Anthisan cream.

At least it’s sunny and warm again today.  There has to be something good, if you look for it.







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