Good news and bad

After a chat with the vet receptionist, I contacted the Cat Protection woman again, with the result that I am borrowing a multi-cat trap and they are all booked in for neutering on Tuesday.  It has to be a bit provisional, of course, as I’m relying on catching them all, but we’ll see how it goes.  My friend who’s lending the single trap is bringing that at the weekend too and I’ll leave that arrangement, it might be useful.

I am much happier about this, I’d been worrying about the odds of catching them all, one at a time.  I lay awake for several hours worrying, in fact.

I was terribly tired today, more so than I’d have expected from a single disturbed night.  I felt sick with exhaustion and had to have a nap this afternoon.  The children were very good, left to their own devices for half an hour – and then another half hour.  And then I went for an early bath and slept on the sofa for another hour.  I couldn’t face cooking or eating dinner, so made some toast – but I haven’t eaten much of that.  I’m going to bed soon.  This seems to be a recipe for wakefulness in the small hours, but I can’t help that.  This is an odd thing to happen, but evidently exhaustion has built up over a while.

I was feeling much more hopeful about the cat situation but then I had an email from a friend and colleague, with the news that he has been diagnosed with cancer in his jaw.  His wife has been treated for ovarian cancer for the past four years – as everyone knows, unless this cancer is caught very early (which it rarely is), the prognosis is dismal.  My friend’s oncologists believe his is treatable, but will need radiotherapy, surgery and reconstruction after that. It sounds horrifying, though his email is calm – which is typical of him, he gets on and deals with things and doesn’t show his feelings.

I’m going to bed now, I’m still ludicrously tired.  Goodnight, loves.

3 comments on “Good news and bad

  1. PixieMum

    I hope you had a good restful night’s sleep and were able to put the worries and bad news of the day out of your mind. Easier said than done, we have been known to play a relaxation CD, programmed to switch off after say 20 minutes. Doesn’t solve the problem of waking in the night.

    Will the kittens be rehomed by Cats Protection? Daughter has acquired two 12 week old kittens from them, they weren’t feral, had been fostered with a family to ensure they were house trained and happy in domestic surroundings. According to Daughter they are lap cats, we meet Daisy and Rufus tomorrow so we shall see.

  2. Z Post author

    Thank you both, I slept for about 9 hours and am fine again today. Very peculiar, but it must have been a build-up of anxiety or something.

    Because the kittens are feral and were not homed early, they won’t be suitable as pets and CP won’t take them in. That’s okay, they can come back here and, if there isn’t enough food to sustain them all, I’m sure they will find other places to live. I think the mother and one kitten could be tamed, but it’ll be less troublesome for them to come back here.


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