Z is back home and it was 11º in Norwich

Well, Corfu is beautiful.  Far more unspoiled than I had expected, I didn’t think that so much of the island was not built on or still had villages that had not been added to and have little or no tourist input. It was hotter than is usual at this time of the year, 36º at highest, which Pam found a bit too much.  Since she lives more than half of the year out of England it is surprising that I didn’t find it too hot whereas she did, but I’m fine with whatever happens as long as I can find some shade.

I’ve got a lot of photos and I’ll download them and not inflict too many of them on you.  Just a couple of striking memories … swallows.  Loads of them, it was lovely.  I’ve got a few photos of their nests, they swooped across one’s path and it was a delight.  The gorgeous scenery.  A farmer friend, describing his stay there said “all right if you like olive trees,” apparently – well, I do.  So many trees, not just olives but cypress, palms, holm oaks and many others.  Delightful butterflies, I must look them up.  Quite tricky to photograph, by the time I’d fished my camera out the butterfly had moved on and then, of course, when they alight on a flower they close their wings so you can’t see the pattern.  I saw my first fireflies which was exciting (I’m quite keen on insects and suchlike).

More tomorrow, darlings.  The Sage, who almost has had his sagacious status removed as a result of almighty cockuping today, kept me waiting an hour and a half after a splendid homeward journey and that’s the main reason I’m so tired.  But I’m home and that’s the main thing.

I trust you have had Chris on your mind this evening, because his marvellous Trio has had its first performance tonight – it’s probably halfway through the final movement right now, in fact.  Must have been exciting and nerve-wracking in equal measure.  Awrabest, Chris, as my one-time Glaswegian friend Brian used to write.

9 comments on “Z is back home and it was 11º in Norwich

  1. Z

    NB, I gather the weather has been a touch uncertain over here. I’m so sorry to hear that. What a shame.

    Yes, Rog. It took considerable self-control not to pour a glass of something refreshingly alcoholic this lunchtime. I am not quite confident yet that I will continue to resist the temptation.

    I knew it would, Chris and look forward to reading about it. Congratulations.

  2. Z

    Knowing it was wet and chilly at home meant i was not going to complain about heat, John!

    Thank you darling, looking forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Z

    Thank you, Mago – please don’t apologise, I’m so far behind with blogs myself, I feel very guilty for neglecting my friends.


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