Plane View

Well, here I am looking horribly pleased with myself.  There are 258 photos but very few with me in, you’ll be reassured to know and yes, I am due a haircut and had to postpone it from last week until next Friday.

Same scene, same evening, sunset.  I’m not sure if those are the same people.

The next evening, we went to Mouse Island to watch the planes land.  Not that this gives the flavour of the occasion.  It’s brilliant, not to be missed.  It’s just beyond the airport.

First, we went for a drink at the nice little bar you can see in the background in the first photo.  Then we walked along the causeway, moving aside every so often to avoid the motorbikes being driven at speed and with remarkable confidence considering the ruts in the concrete and the narrowness of the path.  Then we waited.

You feel as though you can reach up and touch the plane as it flies directly over you, it’s marvellous.  Then you see the cloud of dust as it touches down on the runway.

It’s also good to watch them getting ready for take-off.

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