Z is alone…

Today, LT drove back to Reading to fetch his passport, hot-weather clothes, EHIC and to fill in and post his postal vote.  I’ve already done mine – fortuitously, he suggested several weeks ago that we both apply (I can’t remember if I’ve said this in a previous post) so that we weren’t constrained on the day, but we hadn’t expected to be out of the country.

I forgot to mention yesterday, among the armchair achievements, that I sold my old car – the one that developed a major fault, as a result of which I left it in Reading.  The engineer was going to phone me back and never did and I just kept putting off dealing with it.  But now I’ve had an offer and it’s all sorted and the money will come through this week.  Not big money but it would have been a big bill to put it right and no guarantee that it would work.  I will never again have a diesel car.  I’ve never liked them anyway, dirty things.

I’ve arranged to go over to Ro and Dora tomorrow, but realised belatedly that I’m due back here an hour later for a meeting.  So I’ve written apologetically to cry off, unless there won’t be a quorum without me.  I’ve chaired too many meetings to inflict that on anyone.  But I’ve played the Granny card, so hope to be all right.  I’ve spent the afternoon cooking for R&D and will finish various other things in the morning.  Most useful thing I reckon, providing a fridgeful of food.

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