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I made two chicken casseroles, one with carrots, onions, wine etc and one with Indian spices and yoghurt, a spicy sausage casserole, a straightforward lamb one, a pasta sauce with chicken, red pepper, garlic and cream, asparagus soup and Thai chicken soup.  Ro and Dora were very pleased, especially Ro, who is in charge of the cooking.  Then I spent three hours cuddling young Rufus, who is doing very well and gaining weight.

The worst thing is having to deal with three young cockerels that I can’t keep.  I must phone a friend about it but keep putting it off.  I’m so sorry but I don’t have an alternative.  I won’t have chicks again, this is too much and feels too unkind.

There are, of course, many good things and I keep my mind on them.  Foremost is that LT will be back tomorrow.  I won’t be here at the time, I’ll be out for lunch, but I’ve given him his own key now.  The only reason he won’t use it often is that we’re nearly always together, of course.

There’s some sadness and distress around, not for me personally except how it affects friends and family.  Too much cancer, in short, among other things.  I know we must take all the positive things we can each day, because it can all change in moments, but it is hard for those whose loved ones are suffering.

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  1. mago

    I can relate very well to what you say in the last paragraph. I only hope that now tings will be better. Der Tod kann auch eine Erlösung sein.


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