Z does another round-up. But not of cows.

Yesterday having started – for us – so early (it actually started at the normal time, of course), we had a fairly early night and I slept brilliantly.  We’ve got a good deal done today and achieved quite a lot last week too, some of it without even leaving the armchair.  So, a round-up –

  • The big workshop has still not been cleared and the chap who bought its contents and promised to empty it, even of rubbish, into the bargain, has not contacted me all year.  But last week, a friend spoke to someone who knew, who thought he could help me and came round to look.  He wants a few items and is willing to dispose of the rest, some for scrap (they are huge saws, planes, lathes and so on, some of them, but do not come within current safety rules so could only be used by their owner.  Furthermore, some of them can’t be used with a domestic electricity supply and need three-phase).  So I texted my buyer, T, and he phoned back, expecting a bawling-out; but that’s not what I do.  I explained, said I saw a way through and it was agreed that he would phone P and they’d discuss the matter.  The next day, he rang back to say it was all agreed.  I’ve no idea of the full terms and I don’t care, I’ve had my money and will get what I want, which is a large, empty workshop.
  • Having gone to have dinner with Pam and Peter the other night, as I mentioned last Wednesday, they invited us to visit them at their house in Corfu.  I went to stay there a few years ago and had such a brilliant time – so we looked in our diaries and found a week later this month and made provisional arrangements.  I felt we couldn’t book before the baby was born, since it would be within a week of his expected arrival but, lying in bed that night and not yet asleep, I had a text from Ro to say they were in hospital.  Clearly, young Rufus is a helpful young chap and looks after his Granny, right from the start.
  • So, having ascertained that all was well and that Ro and Dora didn’t mind, LT looked on the website for aeroplane seats.  On our chosen flights, there were very few left – three one way and two the other, I think – so it was a good job that we hadn’t left it until the next morning.  I’d been too tired to do it, but he did, good man.
  • Next, I booked travel insurance and sent off for a renewed EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) which is one of the perks of the EU – health care, if needed, on the same basis as that of a country’s citizens.
  • We have done loads in the kitchen garden: planted out nearly everything (still got squashes to go) and put greenhouse plants in their final pots.  The last will be done tomorrow, weather permitting.  Although I’m a bit later than I meant to be with some things, the wet weather over the weekend means that it doesn’t matter a bit.
  • The new shower is being installed – it’s a cubicle replacing a bath with overhead shower.  It’ll be large – about 5 foot by 3 foot.  LT likes showers, I don’t much but will need it when I have my hip operation, whenever that is.
  • Wince has cleared a big chunk of Roses’ garden, which had rather overgrown plants choked with weeds, mostly ground elder.  I took out some overlarge bits of a couple of conifers last autumn and, to our surprise, it killed the trees.  I have no idea why – but, although not large, they were rather in the way, frankly, and I’m not too sorry that they’ve gone.  Their absence has really lightened my study and given me a better view.
  • We’ve had the first broad beans from the garden and have picked more for tonight.  We’ve also had the first globe artichokes.

My phone just rang.  It was a Manchester number but, a second after I picked up, the line went dead.  “I suspect it’s a cold call, they’re trying to flog me something,” I said.  “They’re not making a very good job of it, are they,? replied LT.

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