Z is a Good Mother

I haven’t got around to looking out any more photos yet, sorry.  I spent the day with Weeza and the children.  There was a phone call around 10.30, with Weeza wondering if I happened to be free…? Gus had a stomach bug and there was a lot of washing to be done as a consequence and Zerlina, who was quite well, to be looked after.  I gave apologies for my meeting and hot-footed over to them.

Babies can recover remarkably quickly and he seemed to be over the worst by the time I left this afternoon.  We’re hoping no one else catches it.  I’ll make sure I keep a decent level of alcohol intake over the next few days, believing that to be the surest protection against pretty well all germs.

A friend came to dinner tonight, being down from Aberdeen on business.  A relaxed and cheerful evening, he was good company.

That’s about it, it seems.  I haven’t done anything else.  And it rained most of the day.  

4 comments on “Z is a Good Mother

  1. Z

    Yes, Jill, I certainly did. I’ve hardly had a cold all winter, the whole family was ill with a nasty coughing bug a couple of months ago and only the Sage and I escaped – well, and Squiffany, though she’s not old enough for alcohol. But there’s always an exception.

    I’ve got in plenty of wine for the party, Tim.


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