Z-ero, Sage- one

I decided to turn out the area under the stairs in the hall.  “I’ll help you,” said the Sage, which I thought was nice of him.  I was free this morning so this was to be the day.  “You won’t throw away anything before I’ve seen it, will you?” said the Sage which, I realised, was the reason for his helpful attitude. Hmm.  I told him I wouldn’t throw away anything of his before he’d seen it.

The job was duly done and there are a couple of boxes of things to be got rid of, mostly silver plate that had been put there after my mother died because we didn’t quite know what to do with it.  Our hall is divided into two – the hall itself with the front door (which we hardly ever use, when someone knocks on it we assume it’s Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons and the passageway leading from the side door which we use all the time (the back door usually has a stack of bottles in front of it waiting to be taken to be recycled).  The passage near the side door was full of boxes, stuff to be taken to the bin, to be recycled, to be stored or sold.  “I’ll see you about 5 o’clock,” said the Sage.  “I’ve an appointment in Ipswich.”

I was suckered again.  All the clearing up to do and he was beetling off.  I never learn.

Actually, I’ve been really tired since lunchtime.  I don’t know quite why, maybe it’s the damp and dreary weather, because Dilly says she’s tired too with no particular reason.  I went to sleep for a while this afternoon, curled up in an armchair (and woke with indigestion as a consequence) and it took me ages to get going again.  And now, honestly, all I can think of is going to bed.  I went to make some coffee, in the hope of it waking me up a bit, but couldn’t be bothered when I discovered I had to grind more beans (I usually grind enough for two or three days at a time) so made Earl Grey fumé instead.  And if I’m too tired to use an electric grinder, perhaps bed is the best place for me.

6 comments on “Z-ero, Sage- one

  1. Mike and Ann

    You’ve just been to India and back. Of course you’re tired. If your body craves sleep, you jolly well give in to it. We’re about to. Good night. Ann and Mike.

  2. Z

    I arrived home a week ago though and haven’t been tired before this – but the last couple of nights I haven’t got much sleep. I’m afraid I’m starting to perk up, I’m usually at my liveliest in the evenings. I’m going to have a bath in a minute in the hope of relaxing again! Goodnight both of you.

  3. Zig

    fume (with and accent) – were you cross with it? Educate me, what is Earl Grey (I know what that is) fume – is this a posh way of saying less black than black? Or is it a secret infusion that wakes you up/or puts you firmly to sleep?

  4. Z

    Sorry Zig, wasn’t meaning to sound pretentious. It’s the name of the tea, smoked Earl Grey – it tastes like Earl Grey but with the smokiness of Lapsang Souchong. I’m a Lowestoft girl, was brought up on kippers and bloaters and I love me a smoky flavour.


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