Z blathers on a bit

Just one more chunder, as Weeza elegantly put it (I suppose that should be ‘chunder, or is that just too pretentious for words?) last night and Augustus has been much better.  They’re coming over tomorrow afternoon for fun and jollity, or as much of it as one can have when the weather keeps going from bright sunshine to chilly rain.

The Sage bought a yearsworth of stamps today.  He’d just paid the half-year’s rates, or Council Tax as it’s more correctly known these days, so needed access to my bank account.  Crumbs.  Do stock up on stamps before the price goes up at the end of the week, darlings.  If you think it hurts now…

I should put up a few more photos from India, but I’ve rather run out of steam for now.  The henna painting on my hands has almost faded away now, it always goes quite quickly once I’m home because of the chlorine in the water.  I finished unpacking my suitcase today – I know, darlings, quite incredibly quick, I’ve hardly been home a week … well, nine days … it’s quite understandable when I don’t unpack until I’m repacking for the next time.  Which reminds me, I’ve got to book some tickets.  It’s all pressure, innit?  Those First World problems.

It’ll be the Sage’s next auction sale tomorrow week.  He tells me he’s got a lot of commission bids already and a few phone calls booked, so that augurs well.  He’s managed to talk me into three sales again this year, but at least the next one isn’t until September.  Still, it’s a lot of work.  I’m not really into work.  More into cultivating my garden, metaphorically speaking.

7 comments on “Z blathers on a bit

  1. Roses

    Ugh, better you than me. I can’t abide chunder. The sound of someone being sick is enough to set me off. As you can imagine that presented a bit of a problem being a mum. But we survived. Just about.

    Do try not to work too hard with the auction and hope you have some fun with it.

  2. Blue Witch

    Interesting that you can still buy large quantities of stamps down your way. All Post Offices round here haven’t been selling more than 6s at a time for several weeks.

    Supermarkets etc all ran out ages ago. But, no doubt they will have new stocks on Monday.

    I tried to buy some more ‘large letter’ stamps in a tiny village in Cambridgeshire yesterday (for future packages) and the postmaster would only sell me 3.

  3. Macy

    I think I send about a dozen letters a year by mail now – so it’s probably OK I’m disorganised about stockpiling stamps.

    As long as nobody price hikes my broadband!!

  4. Z

    Well, he wasn’t sick while I was there. When my children were young and sick in the night, the Sage used to get up and sort them out!

    I recommended he bought them weeks ago, BW, but he went in to check and they said they had plenty. Until I got home again, it was a choice between paying the Council Tax or stocking up on stamps. Right move, I think, as we ended up with both.

    I think I’ve got a lifetime supply (100) of 1st class stamps, Macy, for my share of the booty,


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