Z is a bit frustrated

So many websites are designed the wrong way round – that is, not from the point of view of the user.  In my case, I don’t want to have to click through a lot of pages of things I don’t want, I want to put in what I do want and have only things that apply come up.

So, the first things they ask are, contract or pay as you go.  That’s fine, and so is maximum and minimum price.  But then, what matters to me is what I get, not what make of phone or network – that is, there may be some I don’t want, but I don’t want to be restricted to being shown only one.  But I’m not offered that, it’s one or all.   And I’d like to say from the outset whether calls, text or internet are most important, so that then I can be shown a range of options, starting with the ones that are most likely to interest me.  Instead, I get lots of pictures of phones and then have to look at any one I like to find out what tariffs are associated with it, then save it for comparison.  If, instead, I could just cross off the ones that aren’t suitable, it would be much simpler.

The Sage is far more dextrous than I am, far better at fiddly jobs, except when it comes to phones or computers, when they have to be idiot-proof.  So he’ll have to be able to have a go and see if he can use it, so we’ll have to go shopping together.  I can’t see that happening today.  Or tomorrow.  I was free this morning when he wasn’t and I’m not free this afternoon.  And tomorrow’s not possible at all.

I suppose I should have started all this earlier.

By the way, how come no one has disagreed with the odd expression that *we* are all “addicted to oil”.  Surely we’re simply dependent on it?

I thought I might try to get involved with the football.  Not that I mind in the least who wins the World Cup – I’m not being snooty about it, but I find it more interesting to see who plays well and has the most appealing players, rather than what country they come from.  But it’s giving me a headache.  I haven’t managed to sit through a match yet.  I suppose I should be glad to have more time to research phones.  I understand that the television networks are looking into an option to block the sound of the vuvuzelas, which would mean I have no excuse to ignore the coverage any more.

14 comments on “Z is a bit frustrated

  1. Scarlet Blue

    Apparently vuvuzelas are coming to a shop near you very soon…
    Now we can all listen to them close up and personal [130 decibels] – there may be a few altercations this summer.

  2. lom

    Tut, that and the Laser that can blind, burn skin and set fire to things being sold on the internet for £135 (can you believe that), oh what a lovely summer!

  3. Ad

    It’s a shame the makers of the vuvu’s didn’t make thrid, fifth and seventh tone versions, at least.

    As far as mobile phones are concerned, the HTC Evo 4G could be something ergonomically Sage-like (I wouldn’t mind one myself).

  4. Z

    They’ve sold whole lots of them, I gather. Fortunately, they don’t look very durable. And I think that the users will be attacked by the buyers of the lasers, so that’s all right. Playing in harmony might well be an improvement though.

    I did consider turning the sound off, Christopher, but I always read while the television is on, so rather rely on the commentary to have some idea of what’s happening.

    Darling, it’s winter in South Africa, so it is football season.

  5. Ad

    Anr re: your BTW. I suspect this is a journalistic attempt at self fulfilling prophecy. Me? I’d rather ride a horse, and having never ridden before, was quite taken by a Percheron, as this would be my initial riding style.

    And please comvey my birthday wishes to the Sage when appropriate.

  6. Z

    Well, I do nearly all my shopping locally and by bike, but everything’s brought to the shops by diesel-powered lorry. And the Aga is run on propane gas.

    I like to think of you perched on a Percheron, however.

    Dear John Nettles – I still think of him as Bergerac. And of course his father-in-law (technically ex, but they still seemed family) was Monty out of The Forsyte Saga (my fingers wrote Sage there, as you’d expect). Terence Alexander. That’s it.

  7. 63mago

    What you describe with these phones – that’s why you need a real person to sell you something, aperson you can ask a real question and not just a damn database where you “select” – a word by the way I hate in any language.

  8. Roses

    I agree with Mago, unless you know what you want, you’re better off going to the City to talk to a real person.

    I like talking to real people.

  9. Z

    Well, I always meant to get it from a real shop – I just want to have some idea of what I’m interested in. Apart from the iPhone, I’ve never bought a mobile – my first was a present from Al and since then I’ve had a couple of cast-offs from Weeza.


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