Hawk from a Harnser

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned yet that it’s the Sage’s birthday this week.  No, of course I haven’t bought him a present yet, what do you take me for?  One of those sorted people or something?  I’m going to get him a new mobile phone.  I know, a bit dull – but honestly, he’s not easy to buy for.  I struck lucky last year, when I had the genius idea of a little collector’s cabinet for his vestas (matchboxes, not scooters or anything Roman or waspish) and was able to buy a dear little one on eBay.  He really likes my phone but – and I’m not being rude or anything, honestly – it would be wasted on him.  I mean, the purpose of an iPhone is only slightly to make phone calls.  And that’s all he wants to do, he doesn’t even want to take photos or send texts, on a phone that’s simple enough even for him or me to use.

Anyway, his birthday – it’s not a particularly milestone sort of age, except that, at last, the Sage will have been married for half his life; in terms of years, that is.  And in September, I’ll have been married for two-thirds of mine.

App of the day – Speed Anatomy, which is highly entertaining, especially when you find how little you know.  Rather splendidly, it’s just a quiz, which doesn’t give you the opportunity to actually bone up on the answers first, so you have to try to remember the bits you’re clueless about next time.  There’s a lite version to try first.  I like it so much that, having mostly mastered it (v hazy on the brain, which won’t surprise you) I’ve just bought the Speed Bones too, though I can’t yet get through the parts of the vertebrae.  In fact, I’m not sure how I’ll ever learn them.  It was hard enough learning to tell an axis from an atlas (in bone terms, darlings) without the Transverse Foramen from the Anterior Arch.  But I daresay I’ll have a lot of fun trying.

15 comments on “Hawk from a Harnser

  1. 63mago

    I fully understand and support The Sage’s attitude towards mobile phones. You will be ready for the medical prediploma in no time, Z 🙂

  2. Z

    I never expected to do anything but agree with you. Now, of course, I use mine constantly – and have pretty well given up land line use altogether.

  3. Mike and Ann.

    ‘Hawk from a harnser’. Now there’s Norfolk for you. It was heronshaw in the Norfolk fens when I was a boy; and I’ve always thought that’s what Shakespear meant.
    Cheers, Mike.

  4. Z

    Hi Mike – yes, I think so too. “Hawk from a handsaw” makes no sense, and Hamlet was pretending to be mad, not stupid. In a similar vein, I think that “solid flesh” was meant to be sullied, dirtied, not that he literally wanted solid flesh to melt!


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