Z invites friends for dinner

The only trouble with a convivial evening is that everyone seems to take charge of a wine bottle and glasses are charged indiscriminately. I prefer to finish a glass before it’s refilled – on the other hand, I’ve typed this far without a correction, so I can’t be entirely smashed.

Now to attermpt (heh, let it stand) Scrabble and see if I can win games while the teensiest bit drunk.

Tomorrow, darlings.

4 comments on “Z invites friends for dinner

  1. Mike and Ann

    Given the way you’ve been thrashing me at scrabble lately, I can only hope the evenings alcoholic intake has a slightly negative effect on your scrabbling skills.

  2. nick

    “Topping up” is fatal and definitely to be resisted. I remember going to a birthday party once where one of the hosts was assiduously topping everyone up about every five minutes, and I ended up embarrassingly and absurdly inebriated. With topping up, you have no idea how much you’ve actually drunk – probably the equivalent of quite a few glasses.

    Do tell us how the Scrabble worked out.

  3. Z Post author

    Well, Rog beat me comprehensively in our last game. And Greg beat me last night, but it had been a close match until he scored 36 right at the end. We’re fairly evenly balanced on the whole, except for Greg, who is much better than I am (he used to be known as Stegbeetle, if anyone remembers him).

    Four of us drank about three bottles last night, but one of our number was driving so had very little to drink. I think that says it all about the rest of us. Normally, I like small glasses half full and to empty one before it’s recharged.


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