Happy Birthday, little yellow honey-bee

Zerlina is five today, and the family (the local ones plus Wink, that is) all went to her house for a birthday barbecue, fourteen of us. Apart from the slight mishap of leaving her birthday present behind, it was a lovely occasion. It’ll be her brother’s birthday on Tuesday, so we will take both presents when we meet then.

Here starts the birthday and anniversary season – between now and the end of September there are seven family birthdays and two wedding anniversaries. Life will be just one long party.

5 comments on “Happy Birthday, little yellow honey-bee

  1. Sir Bruin

    September is nine months after the Christmas excesses, I reckon that has something to do with it. I share my birthday with Bilbo Baggins, if you want to make a note of it.

    1. Mike and Ann

      You make a very valid point , Sir Bruin. As my birthday falls exactly nine months after Christmas day, I imagine my parents must have enjoyed the Christmas of 1941 immensely.

  2. Z Post author

    Two of my children were born in early April, so evidently the summer is more my thing than the winter. The third was planned not to be at the same time of the year as anyone else’s.
    I can help if anyone has a problem with passwords. But you’re here all right, MIg.


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