Happy Birthday Augustus

Gus is two years old and they celebrated, having had parties at the weekend, with a day on the beach and dinner out with us.

Gus and his sister shared dessert.

Zerlina enjoyed riding her new scooter
It was our second birthday party of the day.  It is Rupert the spaniel’s first birthday tomorrow and Hannah and Sam held a dogs’ party in their friend’s garden.  Apart from the two-legged hangers on, there were six party-goers.  I never did manage to get a photo of them all at the same time.  Rupert is the golden cocker spaniel, Ben and Teddy are golden retrievers, Mr Bingley is a black labrador, Monty is a black labradoodle and Blade is a border collie.

IMG_1974 IMG_1977 IMG_1986 IMG_1987
Actually, now I look again, all the dogs are in the last picture. Ben was the first to dive into the fishpond. One might have expected it.

Life should return to *normal* tomorrow, with Wink leaving for Wiltshire and birthdays over for this month.  However, it won’t be the last celebration this week – it having been Weeza and Phil’s eighth wedding anniversary yesterday, it will be Dilly and Al’s ninth on Saturday.

I haven’t had time to read blogs for a few days, I’ve hardly had time for Scrabble (but I catch up in the middle of the night, if need be).  Best score of the day was KENOTIC on a triple (and KIF) for 93 points.  I’ll be about tomorrow, though.

12 comments on “Happy Birthday Augustus

    1. Z Post author

      That was quick, Tim, I hadn’t even finished editing the post. Yes, and it was noticeable that the three blonds tended to stick together and so did the three black dogs. The table nearly tipped over several times, they kept doghandling each other under it.

  1. Rog

    Dog party – good idea!
    The last time we took Mr Murph to a party he ended up in the pond after leading a chase with a pugnacious Jack Russell called Violet.

  2. Z Post author

    If we had a suitable garden, a dog party would be brilliant. As it is, most of them would vanish over the fields and we’d spent the rest of the day rounding them up.

  3. janerowena

    Hopefully I have managed to change my password to something I can remember. My two are staying with me and are the same ages as your two, only Boy is older than Girl. I love them dearly, but not at 5.30am. And because they stay for more than a night at a time, it means that we have to go to bed earlier and earlier in order to stay awake during the day. It’s a lovely age though, there is never a boring moment.

    Whenever I used to get my dogs together with those of friends, it always ended in a fight. I think on reflection it was all stirred up by a small jack russell with an owner who was as feisty as he was.

  4. Z Post author

    Their outfits were birthday presents, though z’s dress showed evidence of everything she’d eaten that day!

    Glad you’ve sorted out the password thing, Jane – Ronan started by having registration lead to the profile page, but I thought it was off-putting, though one doesn’t need to fill in or change anything, so he removed it. But then people were having trouble finding it. Ho hum. I think I’ll have to put an explanation on the sidebar.
    Weeza’s two are very good about going to bed but there does tend to be an early start. She’s found the answer was giving up alcohol. I reckon that if that’s the answer, you’re asking the wrong question, though I rarely drank when my children were little.

    The dogs were all very good together, a little jockeying for position but pretty friendly. Four of them were water-lovers, things were bound to get a bit wet!

  5. Z Post author

    Yup, I think that’s the difference 25 years makes! Mind you, Eloise is now the slenderest she’s ever been in 25 years, reminds me of me when my children were babies … I don’t want to think this through to its logical, alcohol-free conclusion.


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