Z hopes to go up in the world

We’re having our new woodburner installed tomorrow.  The old one has a crack in it and has had for some years – it’s double-skinned, so no smoke or fumes leak out but it’s reduced its efficiency.  The chap who came to quote for a new one explained, once he’d investigated – it wasn’t installed right in the first place.  The chimney liner hasn’t been attached to the house so is resting on the stove and that caused a lot of stress and weight, which changes according to the weather.  The stove is cast iron, so can crack, unlike stainless steel.

So, new lining, new stove and, instead of replacing the Franklin stove I’m so fond of, we’re having a modern, much more efficient one.  Sorry as I am about this (losing my lovely Franklin, that is), I know it’s the best choice.  And we’re looking forward to all the lovely warmth.

Of course, the new lining will be installed from the top down.  So a cherrypicker was brought along this afternoon.

“I wonder if I can persuade them to give me a ride in it?” I said hopefully.  The delivery man thinks they will.  Let’s hope so.  I’ve been up in one before to look at a different chimney and it was great fun.  Though rain is forecast tomorrow – still, one can hope.

I’ve a feeling the whole procedure will be messy.  I think there’s a lot of soot up that chimney.

6 comments on “Z hopes to go up in the world

  1. Tim

    Ah. There are dozens of apples still on the Bramley tree in the orchard which are too high for us to reach. Do you think …?

  2. Kipper

    Take your camera, this is your chance to get the full territorial view recorded for posterity. Oh. and it won’t hurt to ask about apple picking!

  3. Liz

    I hope the mess isn’t too overwhelming. At my previous home, which was a late Victorian terraced property, I had a loft hatch and loft-ladder installed. This of course involved cutting into the ceiling and I was not prepared for the quantity of soot that rained down. I’m not sure that the lovely carpenter who did the work was prepared either and he got absolutely covered in soot. A friend came to the door while the work was being done and suggested to the carpenter that he ought to charge me extra to cover the costs of all the shower gel he would need when he got home.

    I hope your workmen can contain most of the mess. I’d love to go up in a cherry picker; I really like to be up high. If you do go up, I hope you take Kipper’s advice and take some photies.

  4. Z Post author

    All going well, first section of the old lining removed from above, the rest will have to be dropped down. And my request was received favourably…watch this space.


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