Losing their way

I can’t now remember why I wanted to look up St Davids, the very small cathedral city (with a very small cathedral), on my phone but, with the most recent software update and accompanying Apple Maps update, it proved impossible.  It simply didn’t recognise it as a place and tried to send me to St Davids in Scotland, various St David’s Roads or other places and, in the end, the only way I could do it was by adding ‘Cathedral.’  Then, it so happened that we were driving in the vicinity when we were in Pembrokeshire, so we took a short detour and went there, which reminded me to do a bit more searching about on the map app.

And it’s pretty awful.  For a start, when you put in a place name, you’d think that the town, city or even village that you type in would be the first place you’re offered.  It isn’t necessarily .  I typed in a local village just now.  To be fair, the village school was the first suggestion (and it’s nowhere near the centre of the village) but the place itself was fifteenth.  Lots of roads and a few businesses, some of them nowhere near the place, came before it.  I’ve typed several other place names and it seems quite random.  Sometimes, the village is first and sometimes a road leading there, often several miles away, comes before it.

Then, I tried searching for a route from one place to another.  This used to be an option.  For example, say I was planning to visit two separate friends, one after the other.  I know the way to each but not how to get from one to the other.  So I’d look for directions, not from here to point A but from point A to point B.  This had been straightforward, but not now – I haven’t worked out how to do it yet, if it’s possible at all.  It only offers me how to get somewhere from where I am already.

So I’ve downloaded a different map app onto my phone (which can be used offline, so is more useful anyway) and I went to leave a review on the Apple Map app.  But it isn’t possible to do so.  You can give feedback from within the app, but it’s not public.  I’ve a feeling they know it’s not very good.  But why, for heaven’s sake, make it worse than it used to be?

6 comments on “Losing their way

  1. Blue Witch

    The new TomToms are just as bad.

    We’re on our 4th and the 2nd was great, and it’s all been downhill from there.

    Mind you, I feel the same about most technology…

  2. Z Post author

    When I first had a computer, some 25 or more years ago, I was able to use ClarisWorks, the original Apple word processing software, with no knowledge almost from the start. Alex wrote me a crib sheet and I went from there. AppleWorks wasn’t as good, Pages is rubbish and I use Microsoft bloody Office, which is really annoying. I had to buy a new version as my old one wouldn’t work on the new computer and I had a rant about it a couple of months ago, when it took me many attempts to work out how to print out my mailing list on labels. The instructions didn’t work and only printed the first page and I can only conclude that the people who write the programme never bloody use it.

    I haven’t worked out how to turn off autocorrect on this computer and it drives me nuts!

  3. Tim

    The very first time I came here, I used Google Maps and it got me here with no trouble. That’s good enough for me!

    1. Z Post author

      True. I use Safari as a browser, Google for email and Bing as a search engine so that I don’t share everything with anyone, but there’s no privacy, I know.


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