Z has reasons to be cheerful

Nothing to share, I’m sorry. But maybe a touch of grumpiness for another reason altogether, but only for the record because I’m over it.

When someone wants something and you say no, and explain why, and a while later they want it again and you say no and explain why, you don’t really expect the matter to be raised again. But it has been and their explanation changes several times in the telling and I still said no and clearly, it hasn’t been accepted as NO. And techniques have been used to attempt to bring me in and make it my problem too (this has changed from the third person to the first) which I’m too old not to be aware of, and it’s still no because I’m not engaged with problems of other people if they are actually nothing to do with me, not any more. I don’t suppose I can do a rolling eye emoji here, but perhaps you can imagine it.

In fact, I’m quite cheerful tonight. And my hairdresser, who is my temporary hairdresser because Nikki is on maternity leave, is a very good alternative and she cut my hair today and I’m pleased with it. So then I toddled into three of the lovely food shops that are cheek by jowl with each other and I bought lots of fabulous food. The only reason I didn’t go into the fishmonger’s was that we already had fish. But now I have deli stuff and wholefood stuff and greengrocer stuff too, so that’s another reason to be cheerful. I also went into Crocks, which is a very nice gifty homey crafty sort of shop and I bought some things there, which never fails to please.

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