Z didn’t get much sleep last night

I’m getting hopeless at remembering what I’ve written here and what on Facebook. So I either say something twice or not at all. I told you about the real pot eggs a couple of weeks ago, I’m so sorry. I don’t think I’m senile. But how would anyone know? I’d get away with it for ages because they’re all used to me as I’ve always been and the difference is merely a matter of detail.

Anyway, hope to have good news for you tomorrow, but not yet, so I’m somewhat distracted. But at least I’ve read my daily book – sometimes, of late, this has been more a fortnightly book, so it feels a welcome return to normality, to have started and finished one in a day. I’ve still got 100 pages of the book I couldn’t find earlier (which was why I started another) to finish tonight. The more I read, the more calm I feel, which is a lesson relearned.

Eloise cat is being particularly loving at present. She actually does lie on my lap and gaze adoringly at me and it’s so sweet. Doesn’t stop her completely blanking me if she feels like it, of course, but I recognise that’s part of a cat’s nature. In other ways, cats remind me of toddlers with a short attention span combined, or perhaps alternated, with complete absorption in some random thing that might catch their eye. I find it hilarious. She does have an appreciable vocabulary; not just asking for food or purring, but a particular sound for a greeting – Rose came through for a chat earlier on and she used it to her, just as she does to us – and various others including, Tim says, swearing at him with a short, sharp f-you. She doesn’t do that with me, but then I clearly don’t deserve it.

I used to speak and understand pretty fluent dog, which includes use of lip and eyebrows, but I don’t have occasion to use it any more and I’m probably rusty. You can’t just do it with anydog, in case they are disconcerted. Like a shared glance between people who know each other well, it doesn’t necessarily work with those you don’t.

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