Just another winter’s tale…

At least I know I haven’t told you today’s news, though some have picked it up from the hint the other day, Pictures to start with.

Perdita Hedera was born on 29th January; her due date being 23rd February so she’s slightly premature but not worryingly so. All the same, she’s been under a lamp to forestall jaundice and is being monitored for a couple of extra days before she and Dora go home. We hope that will be tomorrow.

It’s a good job I don’t sleep much. I’d had a nap for a couple of hours but I was awake when Ronan texted me at about quarter to two on Tuesday morning. Dora was in the early stages of labour and the hospital wanted her to come in. I didn’t wait to be asked, but got up and dressed and was over at their house in less than 45 minutes. We all thought that the 28th would be the birthday, but she hung on until late morning the next day. And she is adorable and perfect. She is my last grandchild and Tim’s first (that is, born since we married, when his family became mine and mine became his, though we were already together when Rufus was born, so I’m splitting the finest of hairs) and I love her dearly. Tim will meet her once they’re home.

4 comments on “Just another winter’s tale…

  1. Mike and Ann.

    Dear Zoe – heartiest congratters from us both. Ann says Zoe’s catching us up, but I think you’ve a long way to go. She’ a lovely looking baby. Look forward to making her better acquaintance. Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

  2. Z Post author

    Thank you all, they are home and I’ve been shopping and cooking because that’s what Z does at this sort of time – feed people!


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