Z has a Gentleman Caller

It’s all right, darlings, no need to get excited – it’s Tim.  You know he said a few weeks ago that he’s thinking about moving from where he lives now and one of his preferred options is East Angular?  Well, he really is interested in moving in this direction, so I offered him here as a base from which to do a spot of research.  And he’s a very good guest too and Eloise cat likes him, so all is fine.

In other news, I have been interviewed by the local rag.  I have also had my picture took, looking fixedly at various pieces of Lowestoft china, which was frankly quite embarrassing and I have no idea what sort of idiot I’ll look like, assuming any of the pictures make it to print, in this Friday’s Lowestoft Journal.

Tomorrow, I’m due to give the vote of thanks after the Nadfas lecture, which is on a subject I know almost nothing about and will not research.  Some kind people call me spontaneous, I say it’s woefully unprepared – but there we go.  I will be genuinely appreciative (if it’s deserved, otherwise I’ll just be kind) and I hope that the speaker will go away thinking that I have listened, learned and enjoyed.

That’s mostly what I want from life, actually, darlings, don’t you agree?

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