I’d say Sunday, but it’s been cloudy all day

It’s been a calm day so far, which is all to the good.  The week has been rather too much, one way and another, which is probably the reason I felt in great need of an early night, fell asleep quickly but woke after an hour and didn’t really sleep after that – odd catnaps were all I managed.

However, I toddled down to church and managed to find a few minutes to run through three of the four hymns.  Little as I enjoy being the only organist now, at least it’s good for my finger-twinkling dexterity in that regard.  If I can’t fit in all the notes, I find a few others that I can play and it sounds okay.  We had four extra in the congregation – the youngest of the four explained later over coffee that she is a helper at a local home for people with mental health problems.  She is employed part-time to take them out for meals or shopping, play board or card games with them, do gardening – anything they would like to do to stimulate their minds enjoyably and give them a more normal, less institutionalised life.  Since she was there on a Sunday morning this week, they decided they’d like to go to church.  They were charming and very friendly – and almost doubled the congregation, which was good.

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