Z hopes to be wrong

It was a really good lecture and I spent the first half of it wondering what on earth I was going to say?  Because there wasn’t a lot to pin a vote of thanks on.  I found more, of course – it’s always good if i can talk about an individual picture, but it wasn’t so easy in this case – anyway, I started by saying that he’d exposed my ignorance … no, that’s not quite the case, I don’t know what had happened to the lead of the microphone, but I had to start by apologising to him, that I was standing a foot from him because I couldn’t move further, but I was speaking to him but facing the audience…anyway, I talked about why I had liked the lecture so much and mentioned a few items that had grabbed me (I don’t think I had used that innuendo-laden word, obvs) and finished by promising to look more closely at plasterwork in the meantime.

In the meantime, the chap who has bought the contents of my wood shed has removed more of it at last.  He has promised to remove everything he’s bought by the end of the month and I’m frankly doubtful, but I hope that I am wrong.

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